Sims 3: in 2009 4 miljoen exemplaren over de toonbank?

In dit artikel op Gamasutra voorspellen ze dat Sims 3 alleen al in 2009 4 miljoen keer over de toonbank zal gaan. Sims 2 verkocht in 2004 3,5 miljoen keer dus dat zou best wel eens kunnen gaan kloppen.

Grootste gevaar voor Sims 3, we hebben dat ook gezien met Spore, zijn de illegale versies.

Electronic Arts’ upcoming Sims 3 could sell over 4 million units in 2009, says Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey — although he expects that a demographic transition toward newer entertainment forms like Nintendo’s Wii and DS might weigh on the title.

Sims 2 sold an estimated 3.5 units in calendar 2004, so the analyst expects the anticipated sequel to outdo its predecessor. EA also detailed today the game’s digital distribution-heavy, points-based model for further monetization, although Hickey doesn’t project how much Sims 3 can expect to earn incrementally from DLC and expansions.

He also expects that piracy is a potential risk for Sims 3 sales — “Spore sales were likely dramatically impacted by piracy,” Hickey says.

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