S3N now has integrated Google translate support

We noticed that we have a lot of non Dutch speaking visitors every day. Dutch isn’t a easy language to learn, so in order to make our website a little bit easier to understand to the non Dutch public we decided that it was a good idea to be integrating Google translate into our website.

Google translate can now be found in the header of our website at the right side. Just click on the English language flag (or any other language) and the site should now be translated by Google. We know that these translations are most of the time not completely right. But it’s much better than nothing at all.

However as our homepage is very dynamic and so new translations are needed very frequently you might be redirected to Google translate instead of having an integrated translate. We’re sorry for that, but we really can’t change that due to techinical limitations.

Another thing that is important to note is that this Google translate only works for our site. Our forum does not support Google translate. However you can set the language of the board to English, but that does only apply to the interface and not the posts themselves.

We hope that we have informed you enough on this topic, if not feel free to ask questions (you may ask them in English or Dutch). Also let us know what you think of this Google translate system.

IMPORTANT The translations are not provided by Sims3Nieuws, Sims3Nieuws nor Google can be held responsible for the possible bad translations provided.

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  1. Hi I’m from Brazil and I do not know if you have a lot of Brazilians visiting your site.
    I love and am a fan, could have google translator in Portuguese and also would like to know how you publish my series on the page for you.

    congratulations for the fantastic site.

    Nadir Menezes

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