Details over de Sims 3 Neighborhood / Lifetime Wishes eGuide

Prima Games komt op 6 November 2009 met een nieuwe guide op de markt: Neighborhood / Lifetime Wishes (eGuide), we hebben er hier al eerder over bericht.

Er zijn inmiddels nieuwe details over de guide online gezet en, in tegenstelling tot de Sims 3 Prima Guide, is nu ook Riverview meegenomen:

The Sims 3: Neighborhood / Lifetime Wishes (eGuide)

Moving to a new neighborhood and achieving your lifetime wishes has never been so easy!

* New Home: Sunset Valley or Riverview? Full tours help you decide which city to call home.
* Map-stravaganza!: Complete maps for Sunset Valley and Riverview reveal hard-to-find collectible locations
* Skills & Careers: Define your Sim by developing fun skills and raking in Simoleons at a cool job
* Lifetime Wishes: Tips and tricks for achieving all 31 Lifetime Wishes so you can bag those hot Lifetime Rewards
* Full Wish List: Sims dream about little stuff every day. Use our charts to fulfill these wishes and score Lifetime Happiness Points.

InteriorFinding and selling collectibles is an excellent way to amass cash. There are hundreds of collectibles in your town to pick up, from gems to space rocks to butterflies. Almost every collectible is right out in the open, but they do spawn in slightly different spots each day. Plus, the same collectible may not be at a reliable place every day. Take SimHenge in Sunset Valley, for example. That’s a great place to find butterflies. But the type of butterflies flitting about changes almost every day.

Of course, knowing your way around Sunset Valley and Riverview is only part of the equation. You also need to know your Sims’ life destination – their ultimate goals – and how to get them there. Fulfilling a Sim’s wishes, both the day-to-day small stuff and the big Lifetime Wish, will make your Sim extremely happy. That happiness translates into a lot of Lifetime Happiness Points, which you can use to buy clever new objects and personality perks that will make your Sim’s life a little different and a lot easier.

Our Moving Day section compares and contrasts Sunset Valley and Riverview to help give you a clear picture of which neighborhood will best suite your needs. Takes the guess work out of picking a place to live and make this the easiest move you’ll ever have to make.

Our Tours of Riverview and Sunset Valley chapters reveal the hidden elements of each neighborhood. Learn everything you need to know as this section walks you through every business, takes you on a tour of each available lot, helps you locate the hottest fishing spots, and shows you the locations of every collectable.

Achieving your Lifetime Wishes has never been easier. Our Lifetime Wishes section teaches you the tips and tricks for achieving all 31 Lifetime Wishes so you can bag those hot Lifetime Rewards

Tired of watch the same run down television and being passed over for a much needed promotion? Our updated Simology section will help you define your Sim by developing fun skills and raking in Simoleons at a cool new job.

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