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  1. Hello all,

    I hope that someone can translate this for me.
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments; Rex is one of my favorite Sims.
    I have noticed that you have been following SIFF, I’m a moderator over at simatography, and from all the team, would like to say thank you, for supporting us.
    We have an official website for SIFF and voting has already began, you can check it out here>> http://siff.webs.com/apps/blog/
    Thanks again, I’ll try and check in every now and then.
    XX Molly360

    1. Hi Molly: we have been posting abouth SIFF for some time now: we allways post a Machinima and try to do that every day. I allready saw voting for the posters has started but I’m waiting for the voiting on the Machinima’s. I’ll check the SIFF later. I’m looking forward to the festival and if you have news we forgot: you know were to find us 🙂

  2. The requested translation:
    1. Ooh .. that shirt (?) is funny already .. such a big boy in such a shirt, so cute 2. Hahaha, that guy just stole the mail 3. Hilaroius movie! 4. O, just wonderfull. 5. Hallo allemaal, ik hoop dat iemand dit voor mij kan vertalen ….. ok, that last one … just joking. Hope you like the translated comments and we sure hope to see you more in here. And yes, we love Machinima, so we are following the SIFF daily. Some of the contestants made very beautifull movies.

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