Molly360 over De Sims 3 Ambities presentatie in Londen

Een van onze vrienden uit De Sims community Molly360 is ook naar Londen geweest voor de presentatie en heeft op haar Simatography site een uitgebreid verslag online gezet dat je ook op ons Sims 3 Ambities forum vind.

En ja: het limonade kraampje uit Sims 2 komt terug in De Sims 3 Ambities!


A little note here Grant was very excited to show this off, and he talked so much about how they’ve worked hard to put what WE WANT into the game. I get the sense it’s not easy making this game we all love, but they do listen! And have worked very hard to give us what we want, not everyone will be satisfied, but they cannot meet the demands of all the millions who play.. Anyhow back to this new tool!

It bloody great! You can now add and remove any lot! You can add plant’s and landmarks without needing the create a world download, the only thing you cannot move in roads and path’s, this is also very easy to use.

We were told that there is a huge update coming for everyone, this improves a lot of our game play, and I’m not sure if this tool is with the game or update, in my notes it say’s with update but I could have that wrong.

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