De Sims 3 op Consoles special op IGN

Ik moet bekennen dat we als S3N te weinig aandacht besteden aan De Sims 3 op consoles die deze herfst te koop zal zijn. Eigenlijk heeft niemand binnen het team wat met consoles en handhelds maar toch proberen we jullie geregeld op de hoogte te houden van het laatste nieuws.

Zoals vandaag een special op de Engelstalige IGN met nieuwe screens.

IGN: What features have you had to cut out for the console versions?

Sam Player: With a life simulation game like The Sims 3, the player experience is created by mixing several complex gameplay systems and having them work together. If we tried to remove any of these systems – examples are the Traits system to define The Sims’ personalities, the Opportunities system to generate player quests or the Wish system to drive The Sims motivations – we wouldn’t be creating an experience that was true to The Sims 3. So features are adapted and enhanced for each individual console. For example, on the PS3 and Xbox360, we changed the world map to a more easily navigated 2D map view for ease of player control. On the Wii, we chained multiple Opportunities together to give the player longer “quest-like” paths to follow. On the DS, we took advantage of the stylus control to give the player the ability to “paint on their Sim” to sculpt and customize it the way they want.

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