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The Wackier Side of Ambitions

Ambitions is a game that takes heroism, creativity, and wacky gameplay and throws it all into the mix for players to create new stories unlike any they’ve told before. We’ve covered the heroism, we’ve covered the creativity… now it’s time to get a bit weird.


The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack The moment of discovery is one of joy for every Sim, assuming it isn’t paired with an explosion and a roasted pair of pants. Sims who are dedicated and a bit Eccentric (new trait!) will have numerous discoveries in their lives, ranging from the delightful whizzing of a new widget or even something useful, such as a time machine, floor hygienator, driller, or if your Sim is particularly talented, a SimBot.

Blow-torch, bang, hammer, and wrench your Sim’s way towards something incredible!

The floor hygienator is a must for every home! Featuring an assortment of delightful aromas and flavors, Sims who walk over this scent-infused strip of metal will usually be spritzed with hygiene improving odors. Sometimes the odors won’t be so pleasant.

The driller is even more exciting! It’s a bigger must for Sims not afraid to dig deep and get dirty amidst the planetary core. Sims can use it to uncover vast resources in the depths of the planet or as a way to create fast-travel networks around the neighborhood. Tired of using the car to get from your Sim’s front door to the beach? Drill one hole at the beach and another at your Sim’s home and get from here to there so much more quickly! Sims can even use the driller to break local criminals out of jail for a tidy sum. Here’s hoping the criminals really weren’t that bad.

Junkyards are a beacon that calls to any inventor worth his or her NaCl (that’s salt for non-nerds). They’re the best place to obtain scrap that can be used to create inventions. But, if your Sim isn’t interested in rifling through the junk heaps, they can wield their handy detonation packs to explode pretty much anything in site. You see, it doesn’t matter where your Sim gets their scrap. Just that they have scrap.

It’s a g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-ghoooooost!

The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack Some Sims know the dead don’t always rest easy, even when their time amongst the living is long past. These Sims are one part paranormal psychologist, one part spectral investigator, and one part ghost-blaster-wielding adventurer.

Ghost Hunters need to be flexible for any situation, willing to work late-night hours, and sufficiently potty-trained to handle the wide variety of vengeful, lonely, lovesick, and jealous spirits.

Jobs for Ghost Hunters will range from “simple” hauntings and neighborhood-wide hunts to the slow game of cat and mouse in some of Twinbrook and Sunset Valley’s biggest, oldest, and creepiest homes.

My Ghost Hunters always tend to be patient and understanding. Ghosts have needs, unfulfilled wishes, and desires, and really, it’s up to my Sims to put them at ease. My Sims tend to console the haunting spirits, whereas others may choose to charge headfirst into the situation and blast any other – worldly entities away. Really, it’s all up to your Sims!

Whether your Sims are exploding portions of the town alongside their trusty SimBot or duking it out with ghosts from ages past, The Sims 3 Ambitions features more than enough of the bizarre and unexpected for Sims fans.

Happy Simming!
AKA SimGuruWalrus

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  1. Ik vind zijn begin al top: ” We hebben het heroische, we hebben de creativiteit…nou is het tijd voor een beetje gekheid.” 😛

    Dat soort van metalen deodorant matje is ook handig zeg! Stel je komt van een grote ontdekkingsreis af, je loopt over het matje en je ruikt weer fris in de meeste gevallen!
    Daar kan je dan denk ik ook die boor weer bij gebruiken met dat reizen.
    Je boort een gat bij een of andere tombe die je aan het ontdekken bent en eentje thuis en HOPPAA rechtstreekse verbinding zonder al te lang te hoeven reizen!

    Het ziet er allemaal veelbelovend uit!

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