De Sims 3 Na Middernacht preview op IGN

De Engelstalige IGN heeft een preview online gezet van De Sims 3 Na Middernacht. Er zitten ook 3 (nieuwe) screens bij maar die komen volgens mij gewoon uit de laatste trailer.

Well, in Late Night, it’s probably a vampire which should please True Blood and Twilight Sims players. They aren’t fearsome or scary, really. In fact, you can’t bite anyone without their permission. You can hunt, which colors the Sims around you with a Predator-like thermal vision, but you can only bite your friends. Just like in real life, right? No? If Sims are willing you can also offer to turn them into vampires as well instead of just biting them. Depending on the level of the relationship (for example if you’re married to a vampire), you’ll also see different, more intimately-styled animations for the bites.

| Gamescom: The Sims 3: Late Night Preview |

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