Gamescom 2010: De Sims Middeleeuwen previews

Er zijn weer wat previews online gekomen van De Sims Middeleeuwen op verschillende sites, inmiddels is de preview die Xelles gemaakt heeft al veel gelezen en de reacties zijn erg positief en naast onze eigen vertaling naar het Engels hebben collega fansites inmiddels vertalingen gemaakt naar het Duits, Frans, Spaans en Pools, zie ook dit bericht op onze site.

Hier nog 2 previews van De Sims Middeleeuwen op Gamepro en Jeux Video:

You have to stay in the kingdom, but your Sims don’t. There are surrounding environments like a forest or a ship at sea where your Sims can travel to undertake certain Quests. But like most jobs in the Sims series or the mausoleum in The Sims 3, you don’t get to go with them — you just wait for Chance Cards to tell you whether or not your Sim got jumped by a dragon or successfully traded for spices in some faraway kindom.

| Gamepro: The Sims Medieval preview |

Another aspect of the game revealed: customization. Indeed, inside the castle you can change things at will. You can change or move the furniture to vary the color and texture of objects. But to get the new furniture, equipment, exotic, new colors and even some weapons (including the famous sword Excalibur), you must first meet certain conditions during specific quests or simply find items scattered on the map. As for Sims, they are also customizable. You can customize them with many different outfits, change colors or also any part of their dress. You can even combine the clothes of the characters between them. The next collection is obviously vary the lifetime of the game are telling us and it should take ~thirty hours of gameplay for a player wishing to retrieve all objects and clothes, and anxious to redecorate all the places visited. While for wanting to clock int a dozen hours should be enough to finish the game.

| Jeux Video: Les Sims Medieval | Infinite Sims: Engelse versie |

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