Nieuwe preview van De Sims 3 Na Middernacht

Parties are important for making a little extra scratch in Late Night. For instance, if you’re taking advantage of Late Night’s new bartending feature, for which you can collect recipes from books and from skill advancements. Late Night has plenty of new, and goofy, animations for stirring, shaking, and mixing up advanced “juice” cocktails to serve for cold, hard cash. And if you happen to be in a band, your bread and butter is playing gigs. Fortunately, Late Night actually expands the range of instruments you can play beyond just electric guitars–you can also play piano, upright bass, or a drum kit (no Rock Band 3 playset, though). While your musically-inclined sims can try to earn a little spare change outside the subway station playing alone (assuming they don’t get mugged, which they can be in Late Night), they’ll make the most scratch playing a happenin’ club.

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  1. Denk inderdaad dat het een houten airhockey is, aangezien er strepen op het midden van de plank staan en er geen ‘gangen’ te zien zijn.
    Wel mooi die screens!

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