Sims 3 Cri update De Sims 3 Na Middernacht preview

En ook de Italiaanse fansite Sims 3 Cri heeft hun De Sims 3 Na middernacht preview geupdate. Dit keer met een deel over Bridgeport (de nieuwe buurt), appartementen en clubs, en een deel over carrieres, bandjes en groepen.

De andere bijbehorende screens vind je in de (meer lezen…).

There are also moments when exaltation and adrenaline freak you out, and someone starts to go mad…well, bar fights are in Late Night too, and they are kinda amusing, as anyone can join! Also, if a celebrity takes part in a fight, it will take very little for the paparazzi to come and take pictures. In this case, the selected celebrity can try to pay them or go to the City Hall to sue them.

If you are a musician, you can register as an independent worker at the city hall, like you do for other abilities like writing or painting after Ambitions. It isn’t part of the Rockstar career of the base game.

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  1. The members of your groups are indicated by a specific symbol: a light blue plumbob that rotates above their heads, and you can talk and have a drink with them even while sitting. If the members of your group throw a party, you can be invited and enjoy your time. Also, if the Sim that has the party is a celebrity, you will find the bouncer at his/her house.


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