2 nieuwe delen van Sims 3 Cri’s De Sims 3 Na Middernacht preview

De Italiaanse fansite Sims 3 Cri heeft 2 nieuwe delen online gezet van hun De Sims 3 Na Middernacht preview. 1 deel gaat over de celebreties, het tweede deel over vampieren

Celebrity Journal
As you can see, there are some statics, such as: the number of celebrities known, the number of discounts and freebies obtained as a celebrity, the amount of money saved as a celebrity, the number of clubs visited, the number of times photographed and the number of autographs signed. But you can also see the number of times publicy disgraced (paparazzi are everywhere, remember this!) and falsely accused. On the top of this journal you can monitor your celebrity level and your progress to get the next star.

| preview of The Sims 3 Late Night – Celebrities |

Then, if you’re wandering around at night and want to meet a vampire, the club Plasma 501 is what you’re looking for, as it is an exclusive vampire place (so exclusive that there is a bouncer and you can get in only if you know at least a vampire).

| preview of The Sims 3 Late Night – Vampires |

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