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De Sims 3 Console preview op Stratagyinformer (Xbox360)

Stratagyinformer heeft een preview geplaatst van De Sims 3 voor Consoles. Het gaat dit keer om de Xbox360 versie die gelijk is aan de Playstation3 versie. Met dank aan Infinitesims voor het melden.

Right now, The Sims 3 is looking average in console form. Interesting tweaks have been made to the set-up of the game, but the fundamentals are still a problem away from the PC. The world doesn’t breathe as easily, and manoeuvring around feels like shackles have been placed round the players feet. This problem has followed The Sims on console for years now, and without a huge overhaul, we think it could never reach its potential on this market. It seems to us that a tad of experimentation is needed by EA, or else The Sims 3 will only ever produce a below-par rendition of a song already sung better somewhere else.

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