Preview De Sims 3 Na Middernacht op Digital Spy

Leuk om even door te lezen maar de preview bevat geen nieuwe informatie.

The city of Bridgeport is a stark contrast to the suburban neighbourhoods we’ve seen previously, with skyscrapers, high-rise penthouses and a vast hillside crammed with celebrity mansions. Popularity and social stature plays a big part in Late Night, with celebrities gliding straight past bouncers into the most high-profile bars and unknown Sims being rejected at the door. Reaching a high social status can be as simple as being good at your job, whether that’s as an artist or athlete, although mingling with famous Sims and exaggerating about your talents will also do the trick. If all that fails, sneaking past the bouncer is an option too. Paparazzi will hound Sims outside clubs, and can be bribed to keep gossip at bay if caught in a spot of infidelity or embarrassment.

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