Made2Game´s oordeel over De Sims 3 voor Consoles

Made2Game had al een 7 minuten durende game-play video van De Sims 3 voor Consoles gepost en ze hebben er vandaag ook nog eens een erg leuk preview aan toegevoegd. Er staat geen spetterende en nieuwe feitjes in, maar het is op een andere manier geschreven waardoor het toch leuker, of in ieder geval een keer anders, is om te lezen.

Once I created and personalized a Sim (or family) I moved to Moonlight Bay, which has a cartoon-map feeling to it. You’re not able to see a house in the neighbourhood map until you select it and move your Sim in. Once you do that, you will find yourself in your brand new little house and will even see your neighbours walking down the street and going into their houses.

I found the gameplay to be very intuitive in general terms. You control a sort of a green aura with your d-pad to select furniture, Sims and basically everything in your environment. The zoom in and zoom out option is very easy to use and very helpful.

I’ll definitely say ‘The Sims 3′ for consoles is the perfect excuse to initiate yourself into the wonderful Sims world if you haven’t yet. Every aspect in this version has been thoughtfully re-done in a more organic and simpler way, but never leaving behind the spirit that has made The Sims franchise such a successful and enjoyable ride.

| Gamefest – The Sims 3 for consoles Hands-On |

Door I_mJimmy

Hoihoi! Ik ben Jimmy, vind het leuk om te Simmen e.d. Ook houd ik van tekenen en grafisch ontwerpen.

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