S3N review: De Sims 3 Late night

I think the best part of the added possibility of becoming famous, is that all Sims can become famous, even Sims who work at, for example, the supermarket. The advantages of being famous are really nice. You’ll a lot of discount everywhere and you’ll receive free presents. Also you Sim can enter all the clubs in the city. There you can visit the lounge rooms exclusive to famous Sims and meet other famous Sims.

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He is back from The Sims 2: the butler. It surprised me that the butler needed his own bed. Later on I understood that the butler can stay a Sims life long, like the dishes, the laundry and he will even babysit your offspring. I had a falling meteorite once and my butler immediately grabbed the fire extinguisher and started to put out the fire, obviously this is a reliable employee. You can also ask your butler for advise, not that this is really helping you but the option is kind of funny.

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