Details van De Sims Middeleeuwen Prima Guide onthult, een Amerikaanse website, heeft de details van De Sims Middeleeuwen Prima Guide onthult. Veel informatie staat er nog niet bij, maar er zal binnenkort wel meer onthult worden. De Prima Guide zal rond de game-release verschijnen, en hopelijk ook op, zoals alle andere Prima Guides over De Sims.

The destiny of the kingdom rests in the players hands. Will players build up their kingdom through internal expansion, or perhaps look for a more imperial type of domination, expanding their rule by conquering territories? Will they take on quests in pursuit of fame, or focus on the health and wellbeing of their people? The choice is theirs! With the start of every new game, players will be able to select a new ambition for their kingdom, and embark on a new set of stories.

  • Master the secrets to building and maintaining your kingdom.
  • Revealing walkthroughs and tutorials will step you through every available quest.
  • Learn how to obtain every Hero and discover the tips and trick necessary to keeping them happy.
  • The complete Object Catalogue will expose the hidden values of every item in the game.
  • Revealing interviews with the dev team.
  • The comprehensive index and easy to use design will help you find information faster and easier than ever before.

Bron: Infinitesims via SimPrograms

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