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De Sims Middeleeuwen: Gamespot interview met Rachel Bernstein

GS: Let’s talk larger-scale threats. We understand, for instance, that you can choose to play as the ruler of a realm and engage in diplomacy and trade with your neighbors. What happens when kings and queens stop being polite and start being really angry with each other? How can rival nations compete with each other? Can they go to war, and if so, how will war unfold?

RB: Each neighboring nation has a specific way that you go about taking it over. Some may require political finesse, some straight-out conflict, some a carefully planned marriage. You influence the outcome of conflict in a variety of ways that unfold through the quest system. Everything is kept on the level of individual sims. For example, your knight might train up some new soldiers whom you send off to fight, or your blacksmith might make new weapons and armor and send it off to the front lines. GS: We know that Medieval is a different game from its predecessors, since the game has actual victory conditions and actually ends at a certain point. Is it possible to fail? Will there be a losing “Game Over” screen?

| Gamespot: The Sims Medieval Updated Q&A with Rachel Bernstein |

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