Rachel Bernstein over De Sims Middeleeuwen

Op Gamespot en Ironhammers zijn interviews online gekomen met Rachel Bernstein, executive producer voor De Sims Middeleeuwen. Veel is er natuurlijk al bekend over deze nieuwe game maar ook in deze interviews vind je weer wat leuke, nieuwe details.

GS: We’ve already discussed the ways that deviant Sims players will be able to kill off their little computer people in Medieval, but what about those players who like to create overarching stories for their households, playing as families that get married, have kids, age, and touch the lives of many other characters? How will Medieval let players tell that kind of overarching story?

RB: Players will still be able to tell stories in their Medieval world. They can have their sims court one another, get married, have a baby, watch the baby grow into a child, and interact with the child in a family environment. With the deeper focus on professions, traits, and fatal flaws, the bulk of a sim’s time is spent in stories that revolve around their professions, developing their heroes, and participation in quests.

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IH: Can you finish the game? Do these elements mean that The Sims Medieval will have an ending akin to that of other story-based games?

RB: The quests are episodic stories, there is no story of the overall game that has a beginning, middle and end.

Here’s how the flow works. You start a new game with a new Ambition and a certain number of quest points. Every time you start a quest, you spend down some of your quest points. When you have no quest points left, you get a medal based on how well you did against that Ambition. You will have only played some a small fraction of the quests at that point.

At that point, you have a few choices. You could take on a special quest that will allow you to bring one character forward into your next new game. Or you could play in the Free Time quest, which allows you to jump from Hero to Hero, and you have no quest objectives or responsibilities. And you can start a new game, with a new Ambition and new quest point budget, and build up the kingdom in a different way with different characters and play different quests.

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