VideoGamer geeft De Sims 3 voor 3DS een 7

The karma points system from the console game has made it onto the 3DS, although the number of rewards and punishments available to spend on your Sim is massively reduced to a grand total of three karmic events: Earthquake, Electrocution, and Butterflies. It’s implemented with the platform in mind – for instance to reward your Sim with a gust of butterflies you blow into the microphone – but because the punish/reward system isn’t a featured attraction like it is on consoles the result feels more like an attempt to pack in the relevant features in the most minimalist way possible.

| VideoGamer: The Sims 3 Review for 3DS |

Door I_mJimmy

Hoihoi! Ik ben Jimmy, vind het leuk om te Simmen e.d. Ook houd ik van tekenen en grafisch ontwerpen.

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