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It didn’t take me long to figure out how to easily max out my Sim’s performance meter nearly every time. All I had to do to get my Sim “focused” was do a couple of compulsory profession-related tasks per day—in the case of my doctor, it was treating a couple of Sims for illness by collecting and applying blood-sucking leeches in a super-basic minigame and crafting medicine from gathered herbs—and then satisfy his most basic needs by buying him a comfy bed and strolling into the off-map village market to buy some pigeon meat for soup. He doesn’t even need to bathe or pee—using the chamber pot is entirely voluntary. A few tasks are jarringly more complex, such as when your Monarch Sim has to pass an edict—I still don’t completely understand this process, but it’s got a lot to do with bribery.

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Door I_mJimmy

Hoihoi! Ik ben Jimmy, vind het leuk om te Simmen e.d. Ook houd ik van tekenen en grafisch ontwerpen.

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