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IGN geeft De Sims 3 voor Nintendo 3DS een 5

I’ve said a lot of negative things so far about this game. I’m still not done. If you still plan on getting this game or have an interest in it, let me warn you that everything you do in the game is done on the touch screen. The buttons are used for almost nothing for the game. You instead have to rely on your stylus to select items/furniture/Sims/the menu/etc. from an upwards-looking down perspective. The top screen is there only for eye candy to see what you’re Sim is doing. The problem with this design is that the touch screen isn’t all that big. On this one screen are your menus, your stats, time…everything is there. It feels cramped. Combine this with the fact that the menu system is annoying to use (and oddly designed), it’s hard to not get frustrating.

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