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The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval is an interesting, and initially enjoyable, mixture of life simulation and role-playing game. But this is an uneasy partnership. The RPG facet has you doing all the busywork to prepare for epic quests you never experience for yourself. The Sim aspect, meanwhile, limits too many of the features that give this series its unique identity. Creating spells with your maniacal wizard, bleeding sick patients with leeches, and sermonizing at the cathedral’s pulpit are all smart new activities that lend a bit of freshness to the Sims formula. But these additions are overshadowed by the forced grind that comes from leading these heroes through lives of indentured servitude.

The Good

  • Has all that Sims charm, from animations to voice-overs
  • You can approach quests in a number of different ways
  • Some of the hero-specific skills are really neat.

The Bad

  • Quests become a repetitious chore
  • Too little freedom to live as you wish
  • Dollhouse elements are greatly restricted.

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