Twee nieuwe interviews met Graham Nardone over Levensweg

Strategy Informer: Some of the previous Sims 3 expansions have had similarities to expansions from Sims 2, and Generations itself contains elements from Sims 2:University LifeTeen life etc…, why did you stop at where you are now and not include more of that past content?

Graham Nardone: Well for our players, obviously they are very passionate – we have this huge community out there and they are very vocal about what they want to see. So yeah sometimes we’ll take old content and re-do them in brand new ways for The Sims 3. ForThe Sims 3: Generations, it was a chance for us to work on a theme we’d never explored before, and we’re looking forward to see how they react to that, and what they really love about the expansion.

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Gamerzine: Looking to what you can do with regards to pranks and things like that. Is this the cheekiest expansion you’ve ever done?

Graham Nardone: Well yeah, there’s a bunch of ways you can get into trouble! The kids do it too, but I really love that aspect for the teens just because they do get angsty. They have these mood swings and of course the rebellious streak is fantastic for them. With the chemistry table you can have the teens get in trouble and it’s funny because you’ll pour a potion for another sim and leave it out on the side for them to drink, they’ll drink it and suddenly they’re racing to the bathroom. There’s just all sorts of ways to mess with people. It’s really great addition for give players who like to mess with their sims and like to screw with their lives.

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Door I_mJimmy

Hoihoi! Ik ben Jimmy, vind het leuk om te Simmen e.d. Ook houd ik van tekenen en grafisch ontwerpen.

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    1. We vertalen regelmatig artikelen maar deze niet. We hebben net een aantal nederlandse previews van De Sims 3 Levensweg gelinkt en Xelles heeft zijn preview online gezet.

      Dat is wel even zat informatie: de meeste interviews voegen ook niks toe aan wat we al weten. 🙂

  1. Gebruik anders een vertaalmachine of zo. Die zinnen kloppen grammaticaal meestal niet, maar je kan het wel goed begrijpen. 🙂

  2. geen nieuwe buurt jammer ik vind dit echt een kleine uitbreiding ambities was een saaie uitbreiding maarwel groot dus ik geef dit tot nu to een 4.9 een beetje hard beoordeeld en snel maarjhaaa

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