Gamesradar over De Sims 3 Levensweg

De Engelstalige Gamesradar heeft een kort artikel online gezet over De Sims 3 Levensweg: iets nieuws staat er niet in maar er zijn wel 2 nieuwe screens.

One of the more in-depth features is the opportunity to send teens to boarding school. Obviously this will be an opportunity for them to learn and enhance specific traits. Much of it depends on which school the player sends them to, whether it’s the expensive Smuggsworth Prep School or the School of Peace and Love, along with three other educational options. It’s a great test in commitment since the parents won’t be able to see their teen for a while, but at least they know she’s getting a good education. Aside from getting progress updates, players can also call their teen to see how she’s doing. For those who really can’t stand the separation, you can remove them and bring them back home.

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