De Sims 3 Levensweg – Feature Info #2 nu online (Engels)

Infinite Sims meld dat EA in de komende weken verschillende e-mails gaat sturen genaamd ‘Feature info’ waarin informatie staat over De Sims 3 Levensweg. De bekende onderwerpen zoals kinderopvang, speciale scholen, tieners en geintjes komen in verschillende delen aan bod.

Bij de tweede e-mail zaten vier nieuwe, kleine en ook weer een beetje mindere kwaliteit screenshots. We zullen het melden als er een nieuwe ‘Feature info’ is. Of er een Nederlandse vertaling komt is nog steeds niet helemaal duidelijk, in ieder geval is er van Feature Info #1 nog geen vertaling binnen.

Teenage Pranks, Punishments, and Prom

Living every age to the fullest means all-new experiences for your child and teen Sims. From pulling pranks and setting booby traps to attending their first school dance, your Sims’ lives will be richer than ever. But life as we know it always has its ups and downs. So whether it’s getting ditched at prom or punished for an unappreciated prank, your teen Sims will have to take the good with the bad.

It’s All Fun and Games …

Some Sims are just asking to be made the butt of a joke or the target of a prank and in those cases, who could really blame your child and teen Sims from succumbing to the temptation? Whether it’s adding hair dye to an unsuspecting Sim’s shower, tinkering with the toilet to spurt at the next Sim who flushes, or releasing the frogs in the school’s science class, let’s face it, pulling pranks is hilarious! Sims can pull pranks and set booby traps at home, in many public locations, and even at their neighbour’s house.

Until Someone Gets in Trouble

Do you have unruly young Sims who seem to always cause trouble? Is it time for your Sim’s parents to take control? Well, those rebellious Sims can now be punished for all the headaches and heartache they cause at home and around the neighbourhood. Fighting with their siblings, missing school, and pulling pranks are just a few of the things that can get a young Sim in trouble.

Initial transgressions will probably just trigger a good scolding from their parents or guardians, but Sims who get in trouble often will face stiffer punishments. From having their video games and other favourite toys banned, to getting the dreaded “Time Out”, to even being grounded are the sentences that disobeying youngsters might face. Wayward young Sims can resort to doing chores around the house or even begging for forgiveness to try to get back in their parents’ good graces.

A Night to Remember

Perhaps one of the biggest moments in a teenager’s life is their Prom and now your teen Sims can attend the big dance. Every teen receives an invitation to Prom that includes the date and time of their school’s annual rite of passage. Sims who are feeling gutsy can even ask someone to be their date! At the dance, Sims can ask their date to “Go Steady” with them or maybe even be crowned Queen or King of the Prom!

In spite of all of the potentially happy memories, emotions can run high at Prom. Some Sims might get into fights. Other Sims may face disappointment or heartache if they get ditched by their date, snubbed by their peers, or rejected for a dance. These potential pitfalls aside, for most Sims, this will be a one of the highlights of their young lives.

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Door I_mJimmy

Hoihoi! Ik ben Jimmy, vind het leuk om te Simmen e.d. Ook houd ik van tekenen en grafisch ontwerpen.

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  1. Zijn die proms rabbitholes,, of een feest op een een locatie vergelijkbaar met die uit Na Middernacht??

  2. hey iedereen ik heb een vraagje waneer krijg je een bal mijn tieners worden iedere keer jong Volwassenen (ik heb levensweg)
    en ik weet je moet goed op je berichten letten maar ik krijg ook helemaal geen bericht of wat dan ook en je er komt een sims3 pets 20 oktober ligt hij in de winkle je kunt hem nu al reserveren op heb ik al gedaan

  3. Je moet gewoon wachten, niet ouder laten worden met een taart vanzelf krijg je dan een berichtje, desnoods zet je ouder worden uit.

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