E3 2011: De Sims 3 Beestenbende demo (Xbox 360)

Deze week is er een grote gamesbeurs in Amerika, de E3, en De Sims 3 Beestenbende / Pets is schijnbaar al zover gevorderd dat er nu al ‘behind closed doors’ speelsessies zijn.

Gisteren was er zo een speelsessie met de Xbox 360 versie en Gamespot heeft er een verslag van online gezet.

Using Kinect voice commands, a new born kitten was created with lines such as “Clueless” and “Destructive” for its personality. The species could also be selected among real life breeds including Siamese cats and German shepherds. Even the fur and snouts could be adjusted. However, it’s not just limited to the natural. For those who purchase the limited edition, skins such as the tiger dog could be unlocked. It wasn’t just the ascetics of the pets that could be manipulated. The pets are fully playable and can take actions similar to their masters.

One singing dalmatian was trained in the art of singing. Along with its equally musical master, the duo headed to the boardwalk to panhandle via song. Another mutt had more of a mean streak and openly destroyed a potted plant on the same beach side shopping district. In another part of town the tiger dog socialized among its canine cohorts. She was even able to locate a worthy mate and establish romance with a sly nuzzle. Pets not only take a life of their own but are a true member of the family.

| Gamespot: E3 2011: The Sims 3 Pets Demo Preview |

Vanavond om 19.00 uur kunnen we allemaal een speelsessie met Ben Bell bekijken, zie ook dit bericht op onze site. Hopelijk is dat wel de PC versie en niet de consoles versie.

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