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Nieuwe artikelen over De Sims 3 Beestenbende

The Xbox 360 version includes Kinect support with voice commands. PC and PS3 (with Move) players won’t have voice support even though both platforms could support it. Furthermore, horses only exist on the PC version.

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Similar to the previous expansion, pets have dreams and ambitions just like their human counterparts. They also have missions they can partake in when you tire of letting them roam around and acting on their own accord. In the demo, you take control of a dog that needs to find his master at a bar. Once there, you have to help him find a date and hope he’ll get lucky in the process. Though the demo didn’t go into other quests, we were promised a wide range, from the normal — a dog trying to protect a junkyard from burglars — to the ridiculous, like a cat trying to build a time machine.

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6 gedachtes over “Nieuwe artikelen over De Sims 3 Beestenbende”

    1. hiki

      Dat is voor ons op dit moment ook een probleem omdat we comsoles wel doen en dan in aparte categoriën en op aparte pagina’s. Gelukkig zijn er nog flink wat maanden om daarin duidelijkheid te krijgen.


    Wat mij verward is op het einde.. komt er nou wel Voice command voor op de PC/MAC of niet? want dan zegt die iets heel snel en dan opeens volgende vraag en heel kort daarna is het filmpje afgelopen..

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