SimGuruSemedi over limited edition van De Sims 3 Beestenbende

In dit topic op het Amerikaanse De Sims 3 forum heeft SimGuruSemedi een rij vragen beantwoord over de Limited Edition van de Sims 3 Beestenbende.

We hebben de lijst maar even gekopieerd want dat ‘taal veranderen’ om de post te kunnen lezen is ook elke keer weer zo een gedoe.

De limited edition van De Sims 3 Beestenbende is al te bestellen op de Origin / EA Store, zie ook dit bericht op onze site. Of de limited edition in Nederland en België ook in de winkels komt is niet bekend, maar ik gok erop dat dat wel zo zal zijn.

Hi Sims fans! I was really hoping to get this to you sooner, but it has been a bit of a crazy week for me both in and out of the office. Thanks for being patient

The announcement of The Sims 3 Pets has generated a lot of excitement within the community, as well as many questions about the Limited Edition version that I want to help answer with the latest news I can share. The Limited Edition will certainly include the most compelling content that we’ve offered in a preorder before. Our team here at The Sims Studio wants to create the absolute best features possible that players want to use in their game.

For players who choose to purchase the Limited Edition, they’ll be getting a cool venue for their Sims to visit that we feel is a great reason to preorder. The Pet Store venue will be a place for Sims to go to purchase objects for their pet to use, it is not where you get the pets themselves. Alternatively, if you prefer to wait for reviews or buy the game on sale, you won’t be missing out – you’ll simply buy your pet objects from the catalog instead.

As developers, we’re very fortunate to have such a vocal group of fans who are so willing to share their thoughts and opinions with us. We’re confident that we’re developing an outstanding expansion pack that everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy. We’re very excited to be developing Pets for the fans that have been so passionate in asking for it.

Thanks for your support,
Graham – Sims 3 Producer

Questions & Answers

Q: What is included with The Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition?
A: The Limited Edition comes with…
• A pre-built Pet Store lot that you can place in any Sims 3 world.
• A cash register that enables you to set a community lot in your world to the Pet Store venue type, allowing you to build your own Pet Stores.
• A number of bonus objects that we look forward to talking more about in the future.

Q: Does the Limited Edition cost more than the standard edition?
A: No, the Limited Edition is the same price as the standard edition.

Q: Is the Pet Store a rabbithole?
A: No, the Pet Store is a fully interactive venue on a community lot. You can see your Sims inside it, and there will be a cash register and a cashier you can purchase pet-related objects from. This also allows you to build your own Pet Store that’s limited only by your creativity!

Q: If I don’t purchase the Limited Edition, is there an alternative Pet Store in the game, such as a rabbithole Pet Store?
A: No, the only way to get the Pet Store is by purchasing the Limited Edition. There is no other version of the Pet Store in the standard edition of the game.

Q: If I don’t get the Limited Edition with the Pet Store, will I not be able to get Pets for my Sims?
A: Don’t worry; you’ll definitely still be able to get pets! While we haven’t yet announced many of the features that you’ll get with The Sims 3 Pets, the Pet Store is an alternative way to access content in the game. But, there will be a number of different ways to get pets and to buy objects for your pets. Keep watching for future announcements about what’s in the game!

Q: Can I share a Pet Store lot, or a world that contains a Pet Store with a player who does not have The Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition?
A: Yes, you can share Pet Stores or worlds with Pet Stores on the Exchange with any other Sims 3 player. If that player does not have the Limited Edition content, than any Pet Store lot will automatically change to a “No Visitors Allowed” type community lot, and will no longer function as a Pet Store.

Q: Can I share a save game file that has a Pet Store in the world with a player who does not have The Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition?
A: Yes, you can freely share save files. If your Sim was actively using the Pet Store and the new player does not have access to that content, their Sim will reset on the lot upon loading the save file.

Q: I’ve heard about 10 extra breeds of pets; do those only come with the Limited Edition as well?
A: The ten extra breeds are featured in the console version of The Sims 3 Pets; they are not available in the PC expansion pack.

Q: What regions will the Limited Edition be available in for purchase?
A: We have not yet finalized all regions that the Limited Edition will be sold in, and will continue to add more regions as we work with our retail partners. Please continue to check the EA Origin website, or your favorite retailer’s website to see if they’ve updated with the Limited Edition offer.

Q: I’ve noticed the EA Origin site in my region mentions the Limited Edition, does that mean it’s confirmed as being available in my entire region?
A: The Limited Edition will be available on a per-retailer basis. If you preorder from a retailer that lists the Limited Edition content, you can expect to receive a Limited Edition copy of the game.

Q: When can I expect to know if the Limited Edition is for sale in my region?
A: Stay tuned for future announcements as we work with our retail partners to bring the Limited Edition to more regions. If you preorder and the Limited Edition is offered by that retailer at a later date, you will automatically be switched to the Limited Edition.

Q: If I preordered The Sims 3 Pets and the retailer did not mention the Limited Edition, but later decided to sell the Limited Edition, do I need to cancel my preorder?
A: No. Once the Limited Edition is announced by a retailer, all existing preorders will automatically get the Limited Edition.

Q: How do I know if I’m preordering the Limited Edition? The retailer’s website just calls it The Sims 3 Pets.
A: The title may not necessarily designate the Limited Edition. If the retailer lists the Limited Edition content in the information for the game, then they are offering the Limited Edition for sale.

Q: Will the Limited Edition be available for both Mac and PC?
A: Yes, both Mac and PC will have access to Limited Edition content.

Q: Will the Limited Edition be available for digital downloads and on a disc?
A: Yes, both digital downloads and retail discs will come as Limited Editions.

Q: Is the Limited Edition exclusive to EA’s Origin service?
A: No. Although we’d love for you to try out our new Origin service, it is not exclusive to Origin. The availability of the Limited Edition will be on a per retailer basis if they choose to offer it to their customers. Please continue to check their websites and express your desire to purchase the Limited Edition to your preferred retailer.

Q: Will my favorite retailer be selling the Limited Edition?
A: It is up to individual retailers if they decide to sell the Limited Edition. Please check your favorite retailer’s website to see if they mention the Limited Edition content. If you don’t see the Limited Edition content listed, let them know that you would like them to offer the Limited Edition for sale.

Q: Do I have to purchase online to get the Limited Edition?
A: No. The Limited Edition will be available both online and in physical retail stores.

Q: When purchasing from a retail store, how do I know if I’m getting a Limited Edition?
A: The box will state on the outside if it’s the Limited Edition.

Q: Do I have to preorder to get the Limited Edition?
A: Preordering is the best way to guarantee getting the Limited Edition.

Q: After purchasing the Limited Edition, how do I access the additional content that comes with it?
A: The Limited Edition will come with instructions on how to obtain the Pet Store for your game.

Q: If I select a slower shipping service, or purchase a copy of the Limited Edition from a participating retailer after day one, will I still be able to access the additional content?
A: If you purchase a Limited Edition you won’t be required to access the content on day one.

Q: I’ve heard about a Special Edition that’s priced higher than the Limited Edition, what is this?
A: In certain regions, when we ship a new expansion pack we also offer a version that’s bundled with The Sims 3 base game as a way to encourage new players to try the game.

Q: What does the Pet Store look like?
A: Like this!

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  1. Ik ook: toch wel erg leuke extra’s allemaal dit keer.

    Zouden de gewone registraties nog wel wat extra’s krijgen, zo een registratie set? Heb alles niet helemaal gelezen.

  2. ik wil ook voor limited edition gaan maar ik ga nog niet bestellen wie weet gaat het allemaal fout en kom hij pas in 2012 of zoiets

  3. Strax heeft de hele wereld de limited edition en niemand de normale 😛
    Maar als het even duur is dan koop je toch zowieso die LE?

  4. Volgens mij zijn er maar een paar Limited Editions en niet voor iedereen eentje.. het blijft nog altijd een Limited Edition, op = op hahaha

  5. Waarom MOET er per se een limited edition kome waarom stoppen ze het gew niet in sims 3 beestenbende??
    het is toch zelfde prijs??

    1. In sommige landen wel. Het is nog niet zeker of hij ook hier in Nederland op cd komt volgens mij. Maar weet het niet zeker hoor.

  6. Ik heb hem nu gekocht, maar ik kan hem (nog) niet downloaden/installeren. Er staat: Niet uitgebracht.
    Wat moet ik doen en wanneer wordt hij dan wel uitgebracht?

  7. Simsfan, rustig. Ik denk dat ze hem online heeft besteld en als hij officieel uit is word hij bij haar thuisgestuurd. 😉

  8. Die Lies heeft gekocht kun je online kopen en als hij word uitgebracht kan zij hem al direct online spelen.
    Ik heb precies hetzelfde probleem; Ik heb hem online gekocht bij Origin, maar ik kan hem nog niet spelen omdat er staat “Nog niet uitgebracht”.

  9. Je krijgt per mail een berichtje dat je heb kan downloaden met serial, Maar dan heb je wel EA DownloadManager voor nodig heel simpel!

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