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Twee nieuwe previews van De Sims Middeleeuwen: Piraten en Adel

That hasn’t stopped EA from working on an expansion for the game, however. The Pirates and Nobles pack is due out next month, and brings with it a selection of new quests, a new Kingdom Ambition and a new background plotline based on conflict between the Pirates of Aarbyville and the Nobles of Tredony. The expansion also features a new treasure hunting game mechanic, allowing players to find new items with which to equip their Hero Sims, and the ability for Sims to have pets in the form of birds such as falcons and parrots.

| GamePro: Sims Medieval ‘Pirates and Nobles’ Expansion coming in August |

Something that has also been added to the expansion is the addition of little flying birds. The pirates will have the option to use parrots to help them out on their quests, whereas the nobles will have falcons to help them find treasure and solve puzzles. Of course, you will also be able to have cages for them to live in and at the moment there is no confirmation that they will be able to say, “Polly want a cracker.” Hopefully, it will not be confirmed since there is no way to translate anything into Simlish.

| Destructoid: The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles preview

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