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Geplaatst onder De Sims Middeleeuwen: Piraten en Adel

NZgamer geeft De Sims Middeleeuwen: Piraten en Adel een 7,5

De Engelstalige NZgamer heeft een reviews online gezet van net eerste avonturen pakket voor De Sims Middeleeuwen. Piraten en Adel zal op donderdag 1 september 2011 in de winkels liggen.

Whether or not you choose to focus on these new quests, Pirates and Nobles brings a lot of new goodies to the game. There are new clothing and hair options, as well as a range of eyeliner styles available – after all, what pirate worth his salt gets around sans-makeup? There are new traits, Entitled (for snobby Nobles), and Call of the Sea (for guess who), as well as the Dread Pirate legendary trait which lets you lead pirate raids, and collect tributes.

The strangeness of The Sims Medieval is still here, of course; the title is not-quite a strategy game, not-quite an RPG, not-quite The Sims. And fans of each of these different genres will still find the gameplay to be a bit odd. But for all its quirks, it’s still extremely more-ish, and the Pirates and Nobles expansion just brings even more good stuff to the game.

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