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Review van De Sims 3 Buurtleven door EL33TONLINE

They were delighted with a few items for their house that can be both pleasing to the eye and actually quite functional. These include new exercise equipment that allows them to build muscle or lose weight. When they are nice and sweaty they can clean up their clothes in the new washer and dryer installed in their basement. They never do that though! My dear Sims are way too spoiled with Bernard, their butler.

Their wardrobe now includes more casual items to lounge around in at home or when about town. Carrot was also spoiled with new outdoor toys like a jungle gym and a sandbox. They grow up way too quickly, and soon it was time for Carrot to start school. But kids can be quite a handful, so the Muffins sent him to the new prep boarding school. Here he enrolled in an art class. He could still phone his parents when he got lonely, but clearly he was not very lonely at all.

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4 gedachtes over “Review van De Sims 3 Buurtleven door EL33TONLINE”

  1. Snooty

    Interessant dat ze het helemaal niet over de prijs hebben. Je zou toch zeggen dat ze dat toch wel in de score moeten verwerken.
    Ook typisch dat ze het plaatsen tussen een accesoirepakkett en een uitbreiding aangezien er maar 20 objecten in zitten en in een Stuff pack wel 60.

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