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I usually wait until Wednesdays but I couldn’t wait this week and neither could Designer Alan Copeland! Read his blog about Dreams of India and see for yourself! Available on The Sims 3 Store August 15th!

Not long ago on the Sims 3 Store forums I was asking if we planned to follow up on any of the sets that have been released in the past. Well today I’m happy to announce a return to one of the most popular themes we’ve ever done.

“In this place the old and the new blend together timelessly. It is a land of breathtaking design and stunning explosions of color. Find your inspiration again with Dreams of India.”

This exciting set of décor and Sims apparel lets you completely redefine your Sims family in creative new ways. Check out that beautiful screen! And four different types of lights! But as a builder I’m probably most happy about those windows. I can see a variety of places to put those that transcend the theme of the set.

Voor meer foto’s van de set, klik op meer lezen! 

indiastoreset2 indiastoreset3 indiastoreset4 indiastoreset5 indiastoreset6 indiastoreset7

And something for the children.  indiastoreset8 indiastoreset9

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