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[ENG] SimCity Steden van de Toekomst: Nieuwe regio’s


Hey there, Mayors! It’s Level Designer Kyle Brown here to talk about the process of creating new regions for the Cities of Tomorrowexpansion pack. Cities of Tomorrow will not only feature new city specializations (OmegaCo and The Academy) and massive MegaTowers, but it will also include four new maps (Desolation, Rambling Badlands, Verdant Jungle, and Serenity Key) specifically tailored to the new features of Cities of Tomorrow. The other great news is that these maps will be released to all players free of charge. Players who don’t yet have the expansion will still be able to play with players who do!

For the new regions, we created new texture sets for tropical and desert wasteland-style maps.

Lees de hele blog hier.

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