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De Sims 3 Store: The Prism Art Studio!

Vanaf 6 februari is hij eindelijk verkrijgbaar The Prism Art Studio!
SimGuruTaterTot heeft daarom wat informatie op het forum online gezet! Wij hebben het uiteraard geciteerd, helaas is het wel Engels!

Wat vinden jullie tot nu toe van deze Set?

Heello Simmers!

I am so excited to be able to finally talk about the upcoming venue, The Prism Art Studio!

It’s hard keeping secrets from you guys, especially when we know you are all are going to flip when I tell you the exciting new features!

The Prism Art Studio is an all-new venue that will let your creativity shine and with a brand new Artisan skill.



Sims can practice their still-life technique with fellow artists on a bright Spring morning or try their hand at some really unique crafts.


…Like Glass Blowing!

Will your Sim become a Fan-glass-tic Artisan or will this new skill prove to be a Pain in their Glass?



Glass Blowing opens up an exciting array of new items for your Sims to fashion. And speaking of fashion, take a look at all the beautiful jewelry you can make exclusively with the with the Artisan’s Glassblowing and Jewelry Making Station!

Here are some pretty necklaces to adorn your Sims neckline.


Mix them with some drop earrings and bangles to complete the look!

These stunning hand crafted items come in an elegant gift box that can be gifted to that special Sim in your life.

But your Sim can make so much more than just pretty jewelry. They can make stunning works of art to decorate your home, from glass partitions, to chess sets, stained glass windows, beautiful glass containers, a variety of different perfumes, glass gnomes and so much more!


Have your Sim craft a variety of different perfumes that Sims can wear for romantic or downright hilarious outcomes!


Every artist needs that perfect workspace to inspire them. This is how mine would look.


We really love the aesthetics of this venue with the bricks, huge window panes and warehouse-loft like structure. Can we just have this already?


And what would a studio be without a gallery to display all the beautiful artwork? The Prism Art Studio comes with an area for you to debut your career as a budding artist! Soon, there will be no more starving artists; success is on the horizon


And lastly, one more small surprise as another fan-favorite request – L-shaped staircases! Now you can turn left, or right, 100% of the time!


Be sure to share your new creations made with the Prism Art Studio! We can’t wait to see them!


SimGuruTaterTot and The Sims 3 Store Team

P.S. Have you spotted the free Chinese New Year Set?

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