Nieuwe bouwmodus screenshots en info

De Sims 4

Simply Ruthless heeft een artikel geplaatst over het bouwen in De Sims 4. Hierbij staan ook weer enkele leuke nieuwe screens, waaronder een van het vergroten van voorwerpen!

Getting Down to Earth

Once you have your structure completed, you will probably want to do a little landscaping. The Sims 4 landscaping package is varied with plenty of flowers and bushes to choose from….the more lush trees and bushes you would expect for a world like Willow Creek and plenty of cactus and palm trees for Oasis Springs. Unlike The Sims 3, all of the landscaping plants come out the same exact size…not in the “small, medium, and large” variety I was expecting. You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear about a new cheat that is designed to allow the player to make any object…including the plants…larger. Yay! You can then imagine how disappointed I was when another player discovered the cheat does not transfer when a lot is uploaded to the Gallery. I will be avidly waiting to hear that they have gotten the kinks worked out of that cheat code, because I can see the vast potential it brings.

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