De Sims 4: Jasmine Holiday is terug voor een nieuwe boostweek!

SimGuruDrake heeft laten weten dat Jasmine Holiday weer terug is in De Sims 4 voor een nieuwe Driedubbele Boostweek. En sinds het vandaag Valentijnsdag is, gaat die boostweek natuurlijk ook over relaties. Tot 28 februari heb je nog om er gebruik van te maken.

Is that love in the air? Nope, it’s the sound of Jasmine Holiday! She’s back in The Sims™ 4 and this time she’s playing Cupid, by bringing Relationship Triple Boost Week* with her. If you aren’t familiar with how these work, let’s have a recap.

If you want a little help raising your Sims relationships with others, simply call Jasmine and she’ll give your Sim a boost that helps them gain relationship three times faster! She’ll be around starting today until Tuesday 21st February, at which time she’ll hang up Cupid’s Bow and leave your Sim’s love lives to fate. If your mean Sims were hoping to capitalize on this, they’re out of luck. Jasmine is only boosts positive relationships!

We love having Jasmine around for Triple Boost Weeks and this one should be really fun. Make sure you join us on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook, and tell us all about your Sims relationships!

Door Rudy

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