Winnende grafische stijl nieuw De Sims 4 accessoirespakket bekendgemaakt

Stijl B

De afgelopen dagen mocht er gestemd worden voor de grafische stijl van het accessoirespakket voor De Sims 4 dat in samenwerking met de community wordt samengesteld. Nadat in de eerste ronde al duidelijk is geworden dat het thema “ecologisch leven” zou gaan worden, was het nu de taak dat thema wat verder te specificeren. Daarbij hadden we de keus uit twee verschillende stijlen: enerzijds modern en duurzaam (stijl A) en anderzijds juist gerecycled (stijl B) meubilair en kleding. SimGuruGraham heeft gisteravond op het internationale De Sims-forum de winnaar van die stemronde bekend gemaakt en het is… stijl B geworden!

“Style B” has won the art style vote!

You’re looking at the winning art style for our upcoming Stuff Pack!

Stijl B

Voting was intense – but Style B edged out a win. While the image you see above already looks lovely, our concept artists have a lot of work ahead of them to create even more art before we get to the Objects & Clothing Vote that starts on May 18th. They’ll be generating more room views, and many more pieces of clothing, to help create what you’ll play with in this pack.

When the Objects & Clothing Vote starts, you’ll be voting on your favorite individual assets to have them included in the pack. Let me explain how this will work…

For Objects, take a look at the room view shown above. We’ll separate all of the objects in that room… the sink, the rug, the ottoman, the window, etc… and you’ll vote for a certain number of them that you want to have included in the pack. There will be additional room views and objects drawn between now and May 18th so that you’ll have a wider selection to choose from.

For Clothing, take a look at the woman in the image shown above. We’ll separate all of the things that she’s wearing… in that piece of concept art she has 1 full body asset (her dress), 1 necklace accessory, 2 bracelet accessories, 1 pair of socks, and 1 pair of shoes. If you want everything that she’s wearing, you’d actually be voting for 6 different assets. You can see how those numbers can add up quickly, so it’s important to consider how each piece that you vote for will add to your game. And again, you’ll have many more pieces of clothing and accessories to select from by the time voting begins.

In the meantime, please continue sharing your thoughts on this project here in the forums. We’ll jump in with updates on our progress, as well as participating in many of the exciting discussions that are taking place!


Nu we dit weten, kan het team achter de accessoirespakketten aan de slag met het verder uitwerken van de voorwerpen en kleding. 18 mei krijgen we daar een wat bredere selectie van te zien en dan mogen we gaan stemmen welke individuele voorwerpen en kledingstukken we nou mooi vinden en in het pakket willen. Dat is nog even een tijdje weg, dus daar horen we tegen die tijd vast wel weer meer nieuws over.

Feedback gevraagd!

In de tussentijd heeft SimGuruKimmi Simmers ook gevraagd om feedback te geven over voorwerpen en kledingstukken die wij Simmers graag in het pakket willen zien en ook passen bij het winnende thema. Dat kan nu al in dit topic op het internationale De Sims-forum. Let er hierbij natuurlijk op dat wat je wil ook reëel is. Dat houdt in dat je niet iets met nieuwe gameplay of animaties moet gaan aanraden, maar juist moet kijken naar nieuwe banken, stoelen of wat dan ook in die trend. Het blijft immers nog altijd een accessoirespakket en stemmen over de nieuwe gameplayvoorwerpen komt nog in een latere stemronde (23 juni).

Stuff Pack: References for Concept Artists

Hey everyone! The concept artists are interested in seeing what kind of objects and CAS you would like to see around the Stuff Pack theme of ‘eco-living’! Keeping in mind of the country-ish feel, please post your wishlist/suggestions with references (we artists are visual people, and references are helpful).

OBJ: Object suggestions must be MIMICS. They have to be an object class we already have in the game. For example: sofa, table, bookshelf, shower, stereo, wood working bench, etc. Clutter objects are perfectly fine as long as it does not imply gameplay. It needs to still follow the same technical placement/animation rules as existing items, without holding alt or using cheats like moveobjects.

Please do not suggest objects we do not have in game yet. Objects with new gameplay, animations, or functionality are things you will be getting to place a vote on June 23rd.

CAS: CAS suggestions can include hair, accessories, shoes, tops, bottoms, and body (one piece outfits like suits, dresses, overalls, etc).

Remember references help us see what kind of style you are suggesting. When you post an image, be sure to point out what you like about it. Is it the material? Colors? Design? Also think about the style of the furniture/clothing. How does it all tie in together? As a wholistic pack, how does this fit into the ‘eco-living’ theme? This is a perfect opportunity to share your vision of what ‘eco-living’ means to you in an artistic view.

All the references you provide will serve as inspiration for the artists and hopefully lead us into the right direction.

TLDR; Please go back and read it. Thanks!


Door Rudy

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