De Sims 4 Eiland Leven concept art via SimGuruJill

De Sims 4 Eiland Leven

SimGuruJill heeft op Twitter verschillende concept art gedeeld van De Sims 4 Eiland Leven.

Hi Simmers, are you as excited as I am for The Sims 4 Island Living’s release coming up on June 21st? Working on this pack was such a blast. We had crazy WOW moments along every step of the way. Here’s a peek at some early concepts and prototypes we worked on!

That Hair…

We knew early on, going in to this pack that we wanted to seize the opportunity to make some really gorgeous beachy hairdos. Our Concept and CAS Art teams made some of my favorite hairs yet. THOSE CURLS! And that mohawk looks good on seriously everybody.

Upscale Residential Room View

To get an understanding of objects and room layouts in context, our Art Team generally works in full room views in the early phases of concept to narrow down their favorite pieces before going to fully rendered concept art. Here’s an early room view!

De Sims 4 Eiland Leven

Sketch Phase of Objects

Here are a few early sketchy examples of the brainstorming the Concept Team did before ultimately narrowing in on the final designs to build. I just love that tub. How long can wooden tubs last, anyway? That wood must have a really good finish on it.

Swim Styles

My personal favorite: Here’s a very early look at a first pass of the different swim styles! My heart skipped a beat the first time I saw this. It really illustrates the speed and style benefits between having high fitness skill or being a Mermaid. Yay Animators!

And Last But Not Least

That beautiful ocean. Here’s an early visual target concept example of how we wanted our ocean water to look. Between the WOW new shader our engineers made and the lovely job our environment team did perfecting the look, the final ocean in game just sings!

De Sims 4 Eiland Leven


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