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IGN’s eerste blik op De Sims 3 Exotisch Eiland

IGN heeft exclusieve informatie naar buiten gebracht over De Sims 3 Exotisch eiland. Zo wordt er een release datum genoemd van 25 juni 2013, een exclusieve screenshot en al wat informatie over het spel zelf. Het is een kort artikel, maar toch de moeite waard om te bekijken.

The towns and places you can take your Sims are large, but the idea with Island Paradise is to open up the world even more. Instead of building a home and living in one place, this expansion allows you to build boat houses that you can use to explore uncharted waters. It’s basically The Sims: Trust Fund-Baby Edition.

It’s still a ways off from its June 25release, so EA is keeping most of the Island Paradise details hush hush. Still, EA did inform us that on top of exploring you’ll also be able to create resorts, working to get them a coveted five-star rating. The expansion will also have other new features, including the ability to go snorkeling, fish off your house boat, discover buried treasure, scuba dive and swim wherever you drop anchor.

So, that year off you wanted to take before going to college? You’ll have to wait until after classes are in session.

Bron: IGN

Al een klein beetje informatie over De Sims 3 Exotisch Eiland

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Al zal er nog niet heel veel informatie verschijnen van De Sims 3 Exotisch Eiland omdat De Sims 3 Studententijd als eerst uit komt, heeft SimsVIP toch al een aardig lijstje met informatie bij elkaar verzameld. Dit door de twitter van SimGuruGraham. Wederom is het in het Engels, misschien dat we nog een vertaling van de tweets kunnen maken.

Island Paradise will be the 10th full expansion pack for The Sims 3.

Boats. B/B Houseboats. Resorts. SCUBADIVING. Can you believe it?

Absolutely. The houseboats are fully buildable like your home; they just also motor around on the water!

Will kids/babies be allowed to live on house boats as well? They sure can. Just think of them as a mobile version of your current Sim’s home Can’t go into the nitty gritty beyond that; but I’ll talk all about them when we start divulging more!

I can’t give away much info on houseboats yet; we’re designing them to allow a lot of freedom though

Houseboats are too big to be contained within a single blueprint, but the plan is to make some available in the residential lot bin.

I mean you can’t fit the entirety of a houseboat into a single blueprint. The houseboats themselves will be fully customizable like a normal Sim home.

It’s a house on a boat. Don’t overthink it

Will we be able to make a remake of Titanic with our boats ? Not sure the Titanic would fit in a 64 x 64 lot.

Was able to build a houseboat for the first time in today’s build – exciting times!

Just had a newspaper get delivered to my houseboat for the first time… totally wasn’t expecting it, my jaw dropped

Just had my houseboat successfully dock for the first time! It’s incredible how much the game has progressed over the last week.

Island Paradise is still in development and nothing is finished. It’s always exciting when you fire up the morning build and have new things happen. While houseboats will be treated like houses, having something like the newspaper get dropped off out at sea doesn’t just “work” without a lot of programmer love

Bron: SimsVIP

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