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EA UK: De Sims 3 hands-on nieuwe informatie

Er zijn 2 nieuwe post online gekomen van het De Sims 3 event op de engelse EA site, deze keer van DobbyDude en je vindt ze op deze pagina en deze pagina.

Something small caught my eye it looked out of place in the back ground and I quickly cancelled his walk to the park, he stopped walking and I hovered over the small dot of yellowy white on the background of green grasses, it came up with pick up so I did, then checked my inventory, I had picked up a grape seed….Cool COLLECTABLES, after that I started him back on his journey and kept a close eye out around him for more stuff to pick up on my journey….. I got all the way to the park before finding anything else, But a couple more yellowy dots were laying around here so I picked them up they were more seeds of different plants… Curious I wondered if anything could be done with the trees in the park, to my delight I found fruit trees which you can harvest for fruit which I did….

En schijnbaar is het niet zo makkelijk om je Sim dood te laten gaan door een brand in de keuken te veroorzaken …

I decided to get one of them to the death by fire stage, so in the Male sims confined space I added a cooker fridge and section of worktop, His first cooking attempt (unprompted he was starving) failed to result in a fire, but his second attempt was a success on the fire front and flames lapped all around… eventually burning the cooker fridge and worktop to cinders…leaving my guy…still alive….Failure again, frustrated I began toying with him, gave him a new cooker fridge and worktop, and got him cooking, then using the very useful grab hand (experimentation) I was able to pick up his finished creations and move them to Jay’s kitchen before my victim sim could grab a plate….Was funny watching as he looked bewildered then after the third attempt actually get frustrated and stop cooking. He did manage to make one meal and eat some while I was watching Jay and the baby… well I thought that wont keep him going….

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De stem-acteurs van Sims 3

De franstalige Jeux Video heeft een nieuw deel (deel 9) online gezet van een serie over een bezoek van een grote groep Sims fan aan de Maxis studio’s.

Dit keer gaan het over de vele stemmetjes die allemaal ingesproken moeten worden en we zien 1 van de bekendste stem acteurs van de Sims: Nikki Rapp. Deze video, jammergenoeg in het frans ingesproken, kun je op deze pagina bekijken.

En hier een rijtje van de eerdere delen op You Tube:

Deel 1Deel 2Deel 3Deel 4Deel 5Deel 6Deel 7Deel 8

Bron: Sim Programs
[UPDATE]: De video is inmiddels ook op YouTube gezet:

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EA UK: Sims 3 hands-on nieuwe informatie

Gisteren meldde ik al in dit blogbericht dat de Engelse EA site een Sims 3 event heeft georganiseerd waarin veel fansites Sims 3 konden spelen en vragen van spelers hebben beantwoord.

Inmiddels is er weer erg veel nieuwe informatie van die dag online gekomen en op deze pagina van SimPrograms vindt je alle nieuwe informatie mooi op een rijtje.

Hier slechts een paar voorbeelden:

  • Pregnancy lasts 3 days no matter what the life span. For the first day they don’t show at all. At the start of the second day, they will “realise” they’re pregnant, and change into maternity wear, but if you look at them they don’t really have much of a belly yet. The belly then expands gradually over the next 48 hours.
  • Is there more flexibility in the types of roofs? Can we adjust the angle of them?There is definately a lot more that we can do with roofs now. Both usual and diagonal roofs are available to you, aswell as round and hexagonal roofs for turrets and towers.

    Also there is a slider for roof angle which should be great since there won’t be any cheats involved now. One thing I also noticed is that roofs are automatically added to storeys that don’t have many floor-tiles above them. Atleast that way those of us who are prone to forgetting to place roofs on after building won’t end up with a house full of rain or snow if we get weather later on.

  • To learn to cook new recipes, your Sim has to buy recipe books from the book store. Each recipe book has a cooking skill level that will be required for your Sim to learn the new recipe from reading the book. Each recipe has set ingredients and if you don’t have those in your fridge you can just pay some amount from your funds rather than having to go to the store to fetch them. Like in Seasons from TS2, you can grow crops to use or sell.
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Reserveer je naam voor de De Sims 3 community

Het is nu mogelijk om je naam al vast te registreren voor de De Sims 3 community.

Als je naar deze pagina gaat kun je je bestaande naam gebruiken of een nieuwe naam nemen die je dan kunt gebruiken op de De Sims 3 community.

Deze community zal in juni online komen: wat laat vindt ik want 4 juni ligt De Sims 3 al in de winkels.

[UPDATE]: Meer informatie vindt je in dit topic op de officiële Nederlandse De Sims 2 community, je moet wel even inloggen daar.