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S3N Review: The Sims 3 Late Night (part 1)

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The Sims 3 Late Night, the third expansion pack which the Sims fans have been longed for so long finally arrived.

After I installed the game, I watched the introduction clip of Bridgeport, the new and beautiful city, with my mouth wide open, EA must have spent an awful lot of time on it. You can see the high buildings and the skyscrapers waiting for you. It all looks so lively. It was clear to me from the very first second that living in this town will be a complete different way of playing The Sims 3. I almost panicked, With which Sim and which place should I start the game?.

When you spin Bridgeport, the new city of The Sims 3 Late Night, around then you really will get the feeling that you are in a town and life is living everywhere, and that this expansion pack is all about going out. The new buildings write Sims-history. The biggest buildings, mainly black holes, the realistic hoisting-crane and the building excavation really gives you the feeling that it is a city. What I really thought is amazing are the pigeons which are just wandering around, they aren’t only flying around anymore.

There are also metro stations added, these will make travelling a lot easier, although if your Sim travels to a metro station by cab and travels to a metro station some meters down the road and then takes a cab again while it was quicker to travel the whole journey by cab, this new way of traveling should be seen as a nice extra. What I thought was really nice but what I have been looking for the whole time, are the snack-cars, they probably move around through town. It is clear that these won’t stay at one place. Like the name shows, there are snacks available at this car, therefore you can also buy new recipes at the store so you can make these snacks yourself. What really notable is, is the amount of yellow cars, but perhaps it is just me because I notice it just now.

The elevators are not a new feature, we already know them from The Sims2, but these look really good and you can even buy them for your own lot and place them in your house. You can easily see where the city lays, but also the slum, the houses of the rich and famous and the area for the regular Sims.

As you see the town better you will notice all the details and how much work has been put into the appearance which look a lot like any other American town. At night everything is lighted in town and you’ve got the feeling that life continuous, even though it is dark, bars are open and you can visit a lot of places to party or to make new friends. The aim of this expansion is clear, even before you start playing. To party a lot and to enjoy the night life.


Will it be a penthouse or a small house just out of town? Perhaps your Sim wants to live a luxurious life and live in a villa on top of the hill? Whatever it will be, je have a choice, but it is up to the amount of money your Sim owns and how famous he or she is.

New in The Sims 3 Late Night is that you can life high in a skyscraper, I mean who doesn’t want that? The outside is a beautiful building, a sort of blackhole. You can life in the top of the building and the penthouses come in different price ranges. You also have neighbors in the big apartment complexes. It is a bit different from what we know of The Sims 2 Apartment Life, there you could really go into the apartments of your neighbors when you visited them. With The Sims 3 Late Night you can only ring their bell and wait until your neighbor comes out of their apartment. Nothing more. Personally I find this unfortunate.

EA also changed the mailbox, you have an intercom now to ring the owners of one of the apartments and there is a regular mailbox, a shared ones, for all your mail. I started in a small and cheap apartment, which I really liked. The view is amazing, you could see the whole town. The more expensive penthouses even have their own balcony and sometimes even an extra floor, but to get this your Sim needs a lot of money and needs to be a bit more famous.

Another thing that I find a pity, but I understand, is that you can only build inside the boundaries of the outer walls, so these walls you cannot change. Or else it would, on the outside of the building, look strange. In my case I wanted to place a whirlpool. With a cheat it is possible to place these kinds of items, and to be honest I used the same cheat to expand my apartment a bit by adding the (dark) room of my neighbor and to place a door between my new room and my apartment. So you could make your place a bit bigger.

You could also live in a small house just outside of town, these are just normal houses we already know from The Sims 3. The only thing is that they are smaller, simpler, ordinary and cheap. When you are famous you could also live on the hill on the other side of town, you can live here in luxury and peace. These houses are really flamboyant and big. By using a gate you can keep the fans and papparazi outside. That is really useful when being a star. When you just start playing with your own Sim you cannot just go to the hill and ring at someone’s place. Your Sim first has to have a decent relationship with this Sims family to go inside their house. But don’t panic, these famous Sims are often in town; stars like to go out and then you can come in contact with them. So the hills is the place where you as a famous celebrity can relax and not be bothered.


You’ll see lots of famous Sims in the vibrant nightlife of Bridgeport. In The Sims 3 Nightlife, your own Sims can also become famous. This works by using a 5-star ranking system. You can become famous by getting already famous friends, but that’s not easy. If you want to build a friendship with a famous person, your own Sim will have to impress the famous Sim by asking for a signature and then starting a chat about something both Sims are interested in. If you succeed, you can continue with building up a friendship. If you fail, please make sure your Sim stays away from the famous Sim for some time. Else you’ll be irritating the famous Sim and that will make the relation even worse.

I think the best part of the added possibility of becoming famous, is that all Sims can become famous, even Sims who work at, for example, the supermarket. The advantages of being famous are really nice. You’ll a lot of discount everywhere and you’ll receive free presents. Also you Sim can enter all the clubs in the city. There you can visit the lounge rooms exclusive to famous Sims and meet other famous Sims.

Your famous Sims will be asked by random people to place a signature. My Sims could hand out signatures very soon already, which I think is a fun feature. Besides handing out signatures, your famous Sims will also be asked to pose for a picture, which random Sims would like to take of your famous Sim. The more famous your Sim is, the more advantages your Sim will have. You’ll for example also be invited for every party, as you cannot be missed there anymore now.

The downside of being famous is, is the paparazzi. The paparazzi are everywhere and they will watch everything your famous Sim is doing, positive or negative. If the paparazzi publishes something negative, it’s bad for your Sim. You won’t get any presents anymore and the Sims will think very bad about your Sim. However, there’s always an option to something about it, but that will cost you some money.


Eventually it will get dark, normally Sims will go home but in The Sims 3 Late Night everything will be lit and there still are Sims on the street, the Vampires will appear, those are not there at daytime. Your Sim can now enjoy a wild party or escape from the daily grind. There are different kinds of clubs where you can go to, there are also some clubs which you can enter without requirements. In the most clubs there is a VIP area, you have to be famous in order to enter them.

The VIP areas in clubs are a bit more luxurious than the regular part of the club, which your Sim can enter without being famous. One of the new thing is that there is security at the entrance: the bouncers. I think they look a bit strict, but well: this duty is for the NPC of The Sims 3 Late Night. These NPC’s are also the reason why you sometimes cannot enter a club or certain parts of it, they keep you from entering. Fortunately, EA thought about possibilities to enter anyhow. You could try it in a sneaky way, but some bouncers are willing to accept money, this doesn’t guarantee that you are allowed in. I experienced one time that I paid a lot twice and still I couldn’t enter and I did not get my money back. So if you like the risk, you and your Sim could make a hobby out of it to enter clubs or parts from it where there are not allowed.

In Late Night there is also a possibility to hang out with a group, I think this is really easy, it is also extra cozy when you are going out with your Sim’s friends. Most bars are open till late in the night and when you are really looking for fun then you can always check out the hotspot of that evening. All bars are open until after midnight, but when it is closing time it is closing time! Then the partying is really over.


In The Sims 3 Late Night you can’t just enter the club: you have work before you can come in! You can find bars in skyscrapers, but also anywhere in town like in a shed or an old abandon building.
Once you are inside, you immediately pick up the vibe of the other Sims who are already partying or who have any other reason to be there. I once experienced the death of a male Sim and the female Sim was complaining at the mixologist. The bigger the bar the more options you have. Every club had its own special drinks available, and the creators did not forgot the snacks.

My favorite part of being at a club is the option to give a round of drinks. Some bars also have a nice bubble bar, if have seen my Sims having fun with it a lot of times, and I haven’t even told you about the effects of this bubble bar. Sims start making bubbles and when your Sim has more experience with it he or she is able to make more than bubbles. At most clubs you can find instruments, usually on a stage. In these clubs you could perform with your band, then there is live music.

There are different kind clubs to be found in The Sims 3 Late Night

– The Disco: mainly dancing at this club, your Sims can dance and when there are more Sims on the dance floor the party really starts. Your Sims can actually learn to dance on the dance floor, the often they dance the better they will become. I really like the amount of time EA put into the dancing of a Sim, When your Sims learnt how to dance, he or she will party hardy on the dance floor. The amount of disco lights which are available, creates a perfect disco atmosphere. It is nice to see all those lights together with dancing Sims. If there is an expanded bar your Sim will be able to get drinks and food so your Sim can last all night.

– Lounge room: A nice and stylish spot for your famous Sims. You cannot just enter these clubs. This the ‘best club of all the clubs’, so to say, to pass these doors you need to be famous. The security isn’t easy, not even when you bribe them, in my experience. Here you can find famous Sims, the regular Sim isn’t welcome here. When your Sims is allowed into a lounge your Sims is one of the Elite in town.

– The pub: this place can be found in the darkest corner of town, where you can hang out and party. What I thought was really funny is the dancing on top of the side boards, some moves make you want to cry because you laughed that hard. At this place every one comes together, whether you are famous or not; this is the place where your Sim feels at home. It’s just super cozy and you can play games with your friends. For example, darts shuffleboard and back from being away: arcade games.

– The Vampires club: here you can commonly find vampires, I think it is a scary club, but who knows, maybe your Sims likes it there en will enjoy himself. When your Sim is a vampire this is The place to be. Together with the other vampires your Sim will feel comfortable. You can even find plasma drinks here.


The new professions are becoming actress/actor or a film director, these careers have anything to do with being a celeb, they like always go until level ten. Because my Sim already was famous with five stars at only level three of the career she had a big advantage within the film industry. By knowing the right Sims and by staying friends with them, you will be at level ten in no time.

Assignments: for the ones who already have The Sims 3 Ambitions this is nothing new but if you do not have Ambitions you may not know this. Your Sim has the possibility to do assignments during work. Your Sim may need to arrange food for the entire crew by going to one of the restaurant during work time, handing out leaflets at a public lot or watch a film closely in theatre, these are just a few examples. These assignments can only be done during work hours.

As soon as you reach the top of this career you will receive a car and a caravan, well my Sim did. This trailer has some interesting options, one of them is that you can have the trailer in your inventory and then place it on a public lot so you can sleep in it (just like the tents of The Sims 3 World Adventures). The funniest option of the caravan, I let my Sim do this a couple of times, is that your Sim can have “a rage attack”. Really how did they come up with that idea; it made me laugh again and again. My Sim got a positive moodlet out of it.


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