S3N Review: The Sims 3 Late Night (part 2)



Vampires are incredible. I have mentioned earlier already that I, personally, am not really interested in Vampires. However, EA really did a good job on them. They’ve outdone their selves! The Vampires look really cool. They have a glow around them, they have beautiful eyes and you can clearly recognize them. As a Vampire you won’t have the need hunger, instead your vampires do have the need thurst. They have to drink plasma. You can get plasma by visiting the local hospital, or from plasma fruit which you can buy in the supermarket. Your vampires can also drink the plasma of other Sims, but the target Sim first have to give permission for that. And ever since there are vampires in town, they are careful with giving you their plasma. So be careful before asking.

As a Vampire, your sim will have some special powers. They can read minds, they will learn skills faster and their running speed is increased. Vampires are especially active during the night, because they aren’t resistant to daylight. Vampires won’t die instantly, but instead they will start to smoke. If that happens vampires should go to the shadow very fast, else they could lose some special powers. Vampires can also have babies. When my vampire baby was born, you couldn’t see anything about it, it was just like a normal baby. But when the baby became a toddler, you started to notice the differences.


He is back from The Sims 2: the butler. It surprised me that the butler needed his own bed. Later on I understood that the butler can stay a Sims life long, like the dishes, the laundry and he will even babysit your offspring. I had a falling meteorite once and my butler immediately grabbed the fire extinguisher and started to put out the fire, obviously this is a reliable employee. You can also ask your butler for advise, not that this is really helping you but the option is kind of funny.

One thing surprised me, there are also female butlers, not that they look like the stereotype butler, they do not have the glasses nor the tight suite. But it is a difference from the old and grey male butler from The Sims 2.


Behind every bar there is a mixologist, these will make drinks in a very creative way (I thought this was very funny as well) and will also arrange snacks, every drink has his own effect on your Sim. My famous Sim once ordered a drink which made her in need for a toilet and in turned out into a scandal. You can also have a chat with the mixologist, to “open up” about your Sims life.

Your Sim can also become a mixologist as a hobby and even earn money with it, but if you want to quit your current job you first need to learn how to be a mixologist. In order to do that you could read books, but I thought it was funnier to see your Sim struggling behind the bar and even tasting her own discusting drinks. Eventually you can create special drinks, and then you can go to every bar to learn their specialty. Mixologist is not really a career, so you can still work as what every you want. To be a mixologist you just go to any bar and take over the current mixologist.


Awesome, your very own band! With four young adults I started to becoming a famous band, the name of this band was “TipTop”. First all my Sims had to be on level one with an instrument and then the adventure could begin. The band consisted of a guitarist, a drummer, a bassist and piano-player. You can also create a band with only one Sim, solo. The people who like jazz and rock will love to hear how poorly the band sounds in the beginning, but also will be amazed on how good they become.

When your band gets better you will receive invitation to play in a club for money, you will notice that the paparazzi will keep an eye on you and on every single move you make. The best way to travel for a band is to travel as a group, this is the best way to get somewhere as a band. You do earn money with every performance but you could also keep working at your current employer, this is another ‘free’ career of The Sims 3.


EA did not forget about the opportunities, wishes and moodlets, a lot of them are added. It all depends on your Sims. There are opportunities and wishes for being famous, for mixology, Vampire, a band and social interactions. There are some really nice ones to do. There are also a lot of new moodlets, positive and negative ones.


There are some new gems, and metals added. I find the Vampire-eye the most interesting and most beautiful one, it has a nice dark red glow. Let’s not forget about the bugs, there are a few new ones, from pink fish till red beetle.

There are not a lot of new books, only the ones who will teach you how to be a mixologist. I really miss the books about the new fish, to bad that EA forgot about them.


New is that there are two and sometimes even three black holes into one. The army and the police are in the same building as the town hall and you can have dinner at the office.


Now you can finally create round swimming pools, another new thing of this expansion pack. Now you can also build a swimming pool on another floor than just the first floor. So you can place a swimming pool at any floor, and if you place windows you could even see your Sims swim! You can only place a pool on the balcony of your apartment with a cheat, though.

Entirely new is the fact that you can now build fountains, the big or the small you want! These also come with round corners and you have a lot of choice on what kind of fountain.

The half walls are also back, and you can choice from a few different ones. I really missed these because I also used them for my kitchen, with these new walls and the bars my kitchen is complete!

For a band you need a stage, right? Well now you can find these at the build mode, it is not a really high stage but it will work. These stages can also be used for the house of you Sims family.

Another feature is that you can adjust the height of your paintings and clocks. I also like the digital aquarium window, you can put a lot of fish in it and you can take care of them digitally. So you don’t have to be afraid that they will die, because they are digital!


Luxurious Furniture this time for The Sims 3 Late Night, fortunately there is a wider range of furniture than with Ambitions, more sets and more choices. This made my day. The biggest set of furniture, I mean the ones that matches the best, is a flamboyant set for your bedroom, kitchen, living room and your bar: This all matches with each other. I really like the fact that there is a set in this expansion.

Another new thing are the instruments, drums, bass and piano. For a bar you can find a lot of new stuff like ordinary Furniture, decoration, lights and some other things. Again, you can mix and match with the bars, decorations and the other items. I also really liked the bubble bar, it is a bit more modern now but it still looks amazing. There is also a new effect machine which spits out bubbles, fire, light beams and many more so your club is a bit more realistic.


This time a wide completion for the wardrobe is created. Your Sim can face the day in every style, from sexy till elegant. It depends on the bar you want to enter, or on what your Sim likes. For both male and female Sims EA expanded CAS with a lot of clothes, Shoes and last but certainly not least accessories.


If you have The Sims 3 World Adventures and/or The Sims 3 Ambitions expansions, it’s good to know that this expansion is very nice as well. For example, my Sim went on an holiday and thought to be safe for the paperazi there. However, even in Champ La Sims you have to watch out with what you’re doing as a famous Sim because the paparazzi watches you very closely there too.

Of course I made a disco in Champ La Sims immediately. It was a great success from the moment the disco opened its doors. The French people are absolutely in for a party. I did however not see any other famous Sims there neither did I saw any vampires there. This was also the case in the other countries.

Adjustments for The Sims 3 Ambitions are another story…

If you work as a firefighter, you have to take into account the extraordinary waiting time before you can reach a fire. This is due to the elevators in the apartments. At an average it took me about 2.5 hours to get upstairs in an apartment, In my opinion that is a little bit on the long side. The detective encounters the same problems and if your Sim is an architect it may encounter problems with the entrance gates at famous people. Also it seems like your Sim is never able to satisfy a famous Sim when restyling a house. I didn’t experienced it as disrupting, but I can imagine that some people might experience it otherwise..


Every expansion contains bugs, so does Late Night. The bug which was really frustrating me, is a bug where you cannot complete a quest because it’s actually a quest which can only be completed in another neighborhood. There are another few bugs which I came across. Some people will have problems with specific bugs while others don’t. We can only hope a new patch is released soon.

The bad: Personally, I think it’s a great miss that you cannot visit your neighbors who live in the same apartment as you. I like it to visit the Sims of who I recently renovated/decorated the house, but that’s not possible if they live in an apartment. Also I think it’s a pity that you cannot make your apartment larger when you live at the top floor of a sky crabber.

The good: It’s a total new experience yet again. There are a lot of new items, interactions, possibilities added to the Sims 3 Late Night. And there are lots of things to discover and to experience, you won’t be able to do that in only one night.

My Conclusion: The Sims 3 Late Night is a welcome addition to your collection. EA really did their best to make the game exiting and a little bit more complex. The name of the game matches very well with the game-play experience. Everything will and can happen during the Late Night.




Wauw! That was my first reaction the first time I saw Bridgeport. Immediately me and my sister created two nice Sims and we tried to become famous, we pretty succeeded.
I find the expansion pack Night Life really amusing, there are a lot of different kind of appartments with a nice view on the city. The clothing and hairstyles of this expansion pack are really super. In short: An terrific expansion.


When I started this game for the first time I couldn’t wait until Brigdeport was ready, it seems like it took ages until it was finished. I created a Sim and started to play the game. I started with exploring the city and I liked everything. The details I find just incredible, like the pigeons on the streets and the underground. The variation of the game is really good, you can do whatever you want. You can become famous as a filmstar, a band, but you can also do something outside of the spotlights and become a vampire. I think it is an amazing expansion pack!


I think that the new clothing in CAS is really amazing, especially the men clothes. The EA team that creates these items for The Sims 3 became better; first I thought didn’t really like the clothes.
Even I like living in cities, so I just love Bridgeport and all my Sims life in this city. But the environment of this city is beautiful: the easeful ocean, on the other side a mountain like landscape with some snow, the stunning waterfall and the grim looking harbor. There is a lot of variation, there is something nice for everyone.
And, what it is all about, the night life, is an amazing new feature. The coffeemachine does not like it, though, because my Sims need a lot more coffee. Overall, I really like the new options which night life gave us. From a hangout spot till lounge and disco until bars, if your Sim doesn’t like any of it than just shoot me. This is a really nice expansion pack.


I have to confess that I still haven’t really played The Sims 3: Late Night. Because I have one family who has calm life at Barnacle Bay and one single Sim who is partying in Bridgeport all the time. But with these two families and therefore two different ways of playing I experienced The Sims 3: Late Night for a bit.
The whole game gained a lot of depth and even if you have Sims who do not like to party this expansion pack will still give you a lot of opportunities. Because a party at your own home can be great fun as well. Despite some tiresome bugs, but as a simmer we are used to them, the game finally feels good: There are so much more different opportunities.
Concerning all the new clothing and objects, the new opportunities and social interactions and the fabulous new city makes this expansion pack a must for every Simsfan.

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