The Sims 3 Ambitions preview: Kyta’s view on the game

The game ‘Ambitions’ has impressed me in a way. The funny thing is, though, once you have started making custom content you are looking at this game in a different way.

The first thing I noticed were the size and the mysterious look of the new city, making it the most beautiful one until now. Walking through this town you really see the differences between a nice and neat part and the slum part of town. Should you chose to have a criminal Sim, it shouldn’t be that hard for him to find a nice hideout on a remote lot somewhere in the marshes. Another thing I liked, were the new shops, especially the new recycling store is going to be one of my favorites. You can drop off your things there and if they are sold, you will get some money for the sale. And you can buy your things there at a slightly lower price.

The in-game humour is ingenious this time. I got tears in my eyes of laughter when I instructed two Sims to use the trampoline (which looks very realistic by the way) and accidentally pressed the fast forward button: they transformed into turbo Sims. When looking at the new washing machine you can’t help but wonder what happens if ….. and of course the private eye, thinking to be invisible behind two small branches was a hilarious thing to see.

There is also a possibility to laun stolen goods, so a slightly clever Sim could be a rich Sim in no time.

The amount of new furniture was a bit disappointing, but conversely there is a lot of new decoration and items for Sims to use. All in all to me, as a custom content maker a bit of a pity.

There were a lot of items, of which I thought (at first glance): ‘Oh, that I can convert in that way … oh, and that can be made out of this.’ So enough to discover for me after the release of this game.

The best item I saw amongst the new things was a small music box, which can be opened. A small gnome appears, starting to turn around in a weird way.

(Kyta – Sims 3 Nieuws)

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