SN Review: The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff

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There it is, The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff. To be frank, this is the first accessory pack I bought myself. Like many of you I do not really like accessory packs, I even don’t need them for my collection. But since this is the fourth accessory pack and , like the Dutch saying, a donkey will not bump into the same rock three times and hurt itself again.


I start up the game without paying attention and without expecting something I wait behind my laptop till the game is finished loading. But I under estimated the loading screen. It looks so tense and serious. It even looks promising, will the new objects also tense, modern and slapping?

But before I’ll talk about the new objects and the new CAS items, I want to tell you about the new community lots. EA promised us new community lots which are so phenomenal that our mouths would pop open by amaze. Before you can send your Sims to these new lots you need to place them. I decided to put them in Sunset Valley, and so I removed the lots which had a replacement and that is when I stumbled upon the first problem. The ‘old’ grocery shop is only removable together with the theatre and the bookshop. You could put the Fresh and Frozen Express Grocer in your Sunset without removing the old one, then you’ll have two grocery shops. It will take a while before you’ve replaced all the lots, but by then the fun can finally begin.

Community Lots

There are seven new community lots in total, three are still rabbitholes, you cannot see what happens inside, one park and the other three are buildings you can control your Sims in it. first I will talk about the buildings of which you can see the inside, than the rabbitholes and last but not least the park.

High-Tech Gym

Because of the appearence of the gym it could fit in the forrest, the building made me think of a small wooden forester’s home. But it’s not a small place, it is really big and because of the big windows it is also clear. The inside and the outside really do match perfectly. The entire building has a relax vibe and it seems as if you are in the middle of the woods when you’re working out. Although I thought that the area where Sims lift weight could have done better, I was really impressed with the room on the second floor. Despite the simple appearance of the room, I really think it’s a nice detail in its whol since it is a yoga/dance room. I like this new gym better than the old one, but it could have been bigger and could use more different details.

Chic Library

The outside of the library makes the library seem large and pretty intimidating. But when you go inside you will notice it is not that scary. The inside of this building is also decorated with items in the wooden theme, this gives the library a domestic atmosphere. To decorate this building EA used one new chair a lot, these chairs have a big back and when you placed them next to each other they form a couch. Because of this the library has a meeting spot downstairs and throughout the rest of the building you can find couch corners where you can just sit back, relax and read.

On the second floor you can find two laptops, a nice detail of them is that they look like really old books. On the top floor it’s not about reading anymore, Young children can play and anyone can play chess here. All in all I’m pretty convinced that my Sims won’t mind going to the library anymore.

State-of-the-Art Laundromat

The new State-of-the-Art Laundromat could have been a swimming pool, where ever you look the water theme is in your face. Although my Sims never ever go to the Laundromat, I don’t think this new building will change this. The inside is dull and stuffed with washing machines and dryers.

The only exciting things in here are the new items. The new washing machines and dryers have a special shape so you can put them next to each other and kind of in each others, together with the new laundry basket it’s a complete set. At the second floor you can play table soccer with your just met laundry buddies during washing your clothes. But unless you cannot afford a washing machine and a dryer, there is no use in going here.

Par Excellence Preparatory School

The Par Excellence Preparatory School has also excellence architecture. The style of this community lot is all about shapes and colors as well. Because of the many windows you can even look inside the school, and when you look closely you can see the computers and even a map.

But back to the outside, the school looks high-tech with all its slick shapes. But I was really impressed with the curved walls and the skew roof. All in all, it looks like a expensive and private school, and that is a compliment.

Scrumptious Nibbles Café

Although I was impressed by this rabbithole the first time I saw it, but when I gave it a second look I was kind of disappointed. I liked the shape of the buildings and it’s really modern and slick but it makes me think of a concrete shelter.

I really liked the terrace, but it looks kind of cheap and it doesn’t match the rest of the building. It’s unfortunate that this building is a rabbithole, I would love my Sims to have a drink on the beautiful balcony.

Fresh and Frozen Express Grocer

Like I said before, it’s a bit difficult to put this new community lot in Sunset Valley. When you do decide to put the Fresh and Frozen Express Grocer although you cannot remove the old grocery shop, you’ll have two grocery shops. This isn’t really a problem but EA should have put more thought into this.

A grocer sounds really old fashioned in my ears and it’s a place where my pops and granny would go to. I expected a lot which would take you back in time. But with this new grocery this will not happen. The accessory of the outside of the building have been moved a bit and the building itself is painted grey and red.

Ray of Sunshine Park

First of all I need to say that it was hard to actually find a place for this new park in Sunset Valley. I added a lot and placed it there. through the park there is a large lane and I wonder why it is there, especially because I’ve placed the park on a new lot so the lane has no use.

But the lane is not the only thing of course, there are also playground items in the park. These all have the wooden theme again, this gives the park a stylish but calm look. I really like the park, but the lane and the ugly streetlights shouldn’t have been there in my opinion.


When I open and explore Creat-a-Sim, I get mixed feelings. I’m enthusiast on one hand but on the other I am disappointed and this disappointment keeps on growing. I started exploring the children’s section, here I could only find one outfit, four separate items and one hairdo. First of all, the new haircut, this is the same for girls and boys and it’s horrible for both. It’s not modern or hip, it’s everything except that. Parents would give their children this haircut when they either cut it themselves or to torture their kids.

I also did not like the new clothing. For the boys it’s really boring, just a pair of jeans which came with The Sims 3 Generations for adults, you can match it with a shirt with a blouse on top of it. The clothing for the girls is basic as well, a legging which you can only match with the given and simple tunic. This accessory packs comes with a torture suit for your beloved young ladies, the so called ‘playsuit’. Give your child this outfit and the flowerpot hairstyle and you will definitely get a bullied and unhappy child.
It’s a shame I cannot tell anything about new CAS items for Toddlers, Teens or Elders, because there are none.

But when I go to the men’s section, I am getting more enthusiastic. You can find four tops for men, two match the Town Life theme; these are sport shirts.

However, I don’t really like the two sport shirts, I love the other two sweaters. The first time I saw the new hairdo for men it made me think of the actress Demi Moore, and it’s not a positive thing for a man when his haircut reminds people of a woman.

There is also one new sports pants to finish off the new look, and the pants are horrible. I wanted to laugh at my Sim when wearing this pants, there is no self-respected man who would wear it while working out. These new pants are really a shame, I hoped for hip sport outfits for my Sims to walk in all day but these pants are ruining it.

Like I expected, there is much more to find for ladies in CAS. There are two new hairdo’s and one of them is practically the same as the man’s, but this time I love it! The other one is kind of odd, it looks like the pimped version of the flowerpot hairstyle of the children.

I cannot really come up with a theme for the new clothing. There are some tops, a vest and a sweater. I really love the new sweater, it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon. The vest looks like a ski jacket but I think it’s supposed to be a working out top. The tops are really nice and colorful, but there are really short! There is also a top which EA probably found somewhere in a dark corner of the attic, it has no shape and horrible medieval sleeves. The complete outfits on the other hand are amazing. Two of them reminded me of yoga outfits, they look fab and comfortable.

There are also two completely different dresses for two different events. EA is, in my opinion, discovering more opportunities and what they can with The Sims 3. Especially the women clothes have more details, move much better and really make the Sims beautiful.

Buy Mode

I like the new items but it seems like that there are just a few items. This stuff packs gives you 35 new items in total, 11 of them are just accessory and four new lights. The items are crafted really nicely and look new but I still miss the connections. For example, there is a new sink but nothing to come with it. There are two small sets, like the washing machine, dryer and basket and the two new work-out machines.

The other items are just stand alone stuff. This really is a pity, a lot of Simmers like matching furniture. But I was really excited for the new playground items. These match perfectly when you adjust the colors. I like neutral colors for playgrounds, especially in backyards, it makes it look amazing and stylish.

Another new thing of this stuff pack is that some options of certain expansion packs have been added. Whenever you don’t have The Sims 3 Ambitions you now can do the laundry, and everyone without The Sims 3 Generations can have tree houses!

Build mode

There isn’t much to say about the new items of the Build mode, because there are just not that many new items. There are two new doors, two windows and one pillar.

I think the items are pretty nice but I probably won’t use them often. I can remember the live stream about Town Life and the producer were lyric bout the bubble windows they recycled from The Sims 2. But I’m really sorry EA, I don’t like them. I like building big houses with huge windows, but unfortunately the new windows has stencils on them of the library, gym and Laundromat, which you cannot remove. The new doors are pretty sweet but only when you have a modern, hip and bug houses and my Sims do not live in a big house that often.


The Sims 3 isn’t giving you what it promised. The new community lots aren’t that great like the producers said, there are just a few new items which don’t have any coherence and the new work out clothing will probably never be worn.
But there are some positive sides. When you do not own The Sims 3 Ambitions you now can do the laundry with the new washing machine, dryer and washing basket. The much discussed tree house options are now useable for anyone without The Sims 3 Generations. When you compare the new clothing to the outfits of the basic game, The Sims 3, you can see that EA makes the clothing look better every time. There are more details and everything just looks much better.
unfortunately I have to admit that EA bumped into another rock with this stuff pack. Again, this stuff pack is giving way too little for way too much. Whenever you want to have new stuff, it’s much more convenient to buy items in the official the Sims 3 Store, then you’ll be sure you get what you want.

Opinion of the SN teammembers:

The idea of Town Life to add more community lots is really creative. The new rabbitholes look amazing and really modern. A few more would be nice, in this way you could adjust your neighborhood. The new items match the concept to perk up the new community lots like the gym, but there are just a few items.


I think The Sims 3 Town Life is a bit of a disappointment, the press release of EA stated:

“The Sims 3 Town Life contains more nice items than you’ve ever seen in a stuff pack.”

And that is what disappointed me because it doesn’t contain that much items. Moreover, a lot of items we already know but then a bit different. The clothing and hairdo’s aren’t that much either, again there are just a few and like always, the woman got more attention.

About the new community buildings: these are nice. But it took my some time and effort to put them in already existing neighborhoods. It’s already really crowded in there and there isn’t much space for new buildings.

If you don’t have some expansion packs or stuff packs than The Sims 3 Town Life is a smart purchase. But when you do have all the expansion packs and stuff packs it is a real disappointment.

Can’t give it much more than 6 out of 10.


I think Town Life is a disappointing expansion pack. After all the amazing commercials I’ve seen and read, it really disappoints. I’m not a fan of the style which is used in CAS and I think the objects are also really boring. It’s not the best stuff pack, at least in my opinion.


The Sims 3 Town Life adds a few nice items to your Sims, but it’s not worth the full 20 euro’s in my opinion. We Simmers are capable to build cool buildings ourselves or to download via the exchange page. About the clothing, the only set I really like is the raged Tshirt with vest. I can say that EA becomes better and better in creating clothes, maybe they should create a H&M pack again. That would be much better in my opinion.


Opinions of a few of our forummembers:

Town Life is in my opinion worth 7 out of 10, it is the best stuff pack up till now. The few items (you should say too few) are really beautiful, useful and detailed than Outdoor Living. The clothing is a bit to sporty for me, but some of them are cool. The haircuts are feasable as well. When you (just like me) thought Generations wasn’t worth your money you can now have a tree house (throw water on someone’s head!) and sandbox. The new lots are really beautiful, for people who use CAW or even just build a library or other things this stuff pack is essential. Haven’t noticed any bugs yet.

Alan Stanley

I think this stuff pack is quite beautiful etc, but it looks a bit empty if you know what I mean. Very few items and clothing, too bad. But the items that are in there are nice, that makes me happy just like the new lots!

I give The Sims 3 Town Life 6,5 points out of 10.


EA is busy working on Pets, and that is noticeable. That is really an expansion pack, but I think this stuff pack is the worst up till now. This opinion stays. It feels like EA should create something and they just made this without thinking. I think EA should have a look at the stuff packs of The Sims 2 like H&M. That would be really nice. Fast Lane is still my favorite, but this has more to do with the cars than the other objects.

The mark I give is a 6,2.