EA UK: Sims 3 hands-on nieuwe informatie

Gisteren meldde ik al in dit blogbericht dat de Engelse EA site een Sims 3 event heeft georganiseerd waarin veel fansites Sims 3 konden spelen en vragen van spelers hebben beantwoord.

Inmiddels is er weer erg veel nieuwe informatie van die dag online gekomen en op deze pagina van SimPrograms vindt je alle nieuwe informatie mooi op een rijtje.

Hier slechts een paar voorbeelden:

  • Pregnancy lasts 3 days no matter what the life span. For the first day they don’t show at all. At the start of the second day, they will “realise” they’re pregnant, and change into maternity wear, but if you look at them they don’t really have much of a belly yet. The belly then expands gradually over the next 48 hours.
  • Is there more flexibility in the types of roofs? Can we adjust the angle of them?There is definately a lot more that we can do with roofs now. Both usual and diagonal roofs are available to you, aswell as round and hexagonal roofs for turrets and towers.

    Also there is a slider for roof angle which should be great since there won’t be any cheats involved now. One thing I also noticed is that roofs are automatically added to storeys that don’t have many floor-tiles above them. Atleast that way those of us who are prone to forgetting to place roofs on after building won’t end up with a house full of rain or snow if we get weather later on.

  • To learn to cook new recipes, your Sim has to buy recipe books from the book store. Each recipe book has a cooking skill level that will be required for your Sim to learn the new recipe from reading the book. Each recipe has set ingredients and if you don’t have those in your fridge you can just pay some amount from your funds rather than having to go to the store to fetch them. Like in Seasons from TS2, you can grow crops to use or sell.

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