Gamespot preview van Sims 3 – deel 2

Gamespot heeft deel 2 online gezet van hun Sims 3 preview, jammergenoeg zonder nieuwe screenshots maar de moeite waard om even te lezen.

Fortunately, it was a lovely day, so there were plenty of folks taking in the sun. We zeroed in on the absolute best targets of opportunity (the closest ones) and began working our charms, chatting about interests to find that our first would-be friend and sponsor was also an artsy person who liked music, liked talking to musicians, and (once we increased our relationship with her significantly through careful juggling of social options) liked parting with 10 or 20 simoleons here and there to help out a friend. However, the late morning quickly became the early afternoon, and our sim was late for his next day’s work!

Zodra de nederlandstalige versie van Gamespot dit tweede deel heeft vertaald en online gezet meld ik dit uiteraard meteen.

Zie ook dit blogbericht voor deel 1 en dit blogbericht voor een vertaling van deel 1.

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