Interview met Dexter Freebish over hun muziek in Sims 3

Infinite Sims heeft 1 van de bands geinterviewd die ook in Sims 3 te horen zullen zijn. Je vindt het interview met Dexter Freebish op deze pagina. Hun muziek was ook al in Sims 2 te horen.

Q: What are you views of The Sims Franchise, and of The Sims 3? (In terms of gameplay and the community)

A: I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of the Sims 3!! Some of the innovations in both game play and visual interactive elements are going to be stunning.
The Sims community has been always been great to DF. The response from our Simlish version of Pretty People was very positive. We are really looking forward to hearing the reaction of Sims fans to our new song “The Other Side.”

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