Sim Sampler voor de iPhone/iPod Touch App

EA Mobile heeft zojuist een gratis app online gezet voor je iPhone/iPod Touch hier de ITunes Store.

Deze Sim Sampler is een speelse app waarmee je tot aan de release van Sims 3 wel effe bezig bent.

[UPDATE] Deze iPhone app is momenteel alleen verkrijgbaar in the US iTunes store.

Veel meer informatie en een serie screens vindt je op deze pagina van Sim programs.

Ask the Sims

SHAKE your iPhone to ask the glistening plumbob questions you may or may NOT know the answer to! Am I Good Looking? Does anybody Love me? Will I get Fired? Just be sure you can take it before you dish it out!

Relationship tester

TAP the plumbob to set the mood for romance! Hold one end while you flirt du jour holds the other. Will you be Friends with Benefits or does she think you’re creepy? Does he think you’re Hot or just Stuck Up?

Trait of the day

OUTLINE the 3D plumbob to find out what you’ve been ‘deemed’ for the day. Are you an incorrigible Slob? A Party Animal? Do you have the makings of a Klepto? Just try to avoid being labelled a Loser.

Get ‘tips’ on how to work the trait and see if it suits our style!

The moodlet

SPIN the plumbob to discover your state of mind. Are you feeling Bored, Buzzed, or Betrayed? Do you feel Lucky or are you in need of a Cold Shower? Come clean and express your emotions!


Give the plumbob a PINCH and TAP on icons for the silliest of Simlish. A Tree twitters like a bird. A Smiley laughs. A Rubber Nose belches and a Horn ‘toots’.
Remember-whoever tapped it, dealt it!

Some extra’s

You don’t need any HTML code to make a statement about your space. Choose 8 different colors and designs to personalize your playing zone. Follow the links and check out cool trailers, forums, and other fun EA Mobile games, and more!

Play it while it’s hot

Need we say more?

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