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Schijnbaar zijn er toch enkele Amerikaanse Apple stores die een demo van De Sims 3 Create a Sim in huis hebben en Sims2King287 heeft in dit topic op de Amerikaanse De Sims 2 BBS er een review van online gezet.

Is it set up like TS2 CAS?

In most ways, yes, in other ways, no. You still have your basic layout, where the skintone, weight, and name are chosen. Then, you go to the construction of the face. Then clothing, and then traits/LTW/favorites. But, with TS3, you can do deeper into the facial construction. You can click on the lips, and adjust the lower lip height, thickness, and width. Same with nearly every part of the face. They added a much more advanced eye editor, so making Asian sims is very easy. A few clicks and I had a great Asian sim.

Er zitten ruim 100 screens bij die je op deze pagina als diashow kunt bekijken.

Ook akgates89 heeft in dit topic van de Amerikaanse De Sims 2 BBS een verslag online gezet.

Make a twin:

I checked out the “make a twin” option. When you are in CAS, below will be icons of the sims you have made so far. In each box with the head shots of the sims, you can click on the sim desired and you can choose from edit, delete and make a twin. It is a picture of two stick figures linked together, like the relationship bubbles. The make a twin produces and exact duplicate of the sim selected. You can choose the twin and tweak the differences. That was a fun tool.

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